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Women in Media - Event Gender Audit 2015 & 2016

As part of ongoing industry debate and Peggy's List (which highlights women who are available to speak at industry events & comment on trade media articles) this 'Event Gender Audit' has been created to better understand exactly how many women have spoken at some of our industry events throughout 2015 an 2016.

As you'll see in 2015 - from 18 events audited there were 684 speakers with 182 of them being women - or 27%.   In 2016 - from 17 events audited there were 557 speakers with 201 of them being women - or 36%

This should be seen as a complex two way issue as event organisers say they actively call for more women to get involved in their events and industry initiatives but find they are not as forthcoming or prepared to get involved as their male counterparts.  Often sponsors given speaker or panel spots put up their preferred people - which is somewhat out of the conference organisers hands. 


MediaScope & Peggy's List - Event Gender Audit


MediaScope Event Gender Audit

To put this issue into context a census survey of 3056 employees by the Media Federation of Australia (MFA) found:

  • The female/male split within surveyed media agencies is is 59:41.
  • Senior Management Positions - 26% women
  • Management (inc Senior Management) - 40% women (Compared with the national average of 31.7% according to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, 2014 report. 
  • Strategy - 58% women
  • Implementation - 71% women
  • Admin & Finance - 75% women
  • People & Culture - 90% women
  • Analytics - 37% women
  • Sponsorship - 73% women
  • Creative - 69% women
  • Other - 36% women

MFA Census Results - Women in Media

And the 2015 Communications Council Salary Survey of 2500 employees within the creative agency sector shows:

  • The female/male split is female - 49% and male 51%
  • Senior Management - 21% are women
  • Account Management 68% are women
  • Strategy Planning - 41% are women
  • Creative - 33% are women
  • Production - 43% are women
  • Operations 76% are women
  • Digital Social - 44% are women
  • Finance - 69% are women

Get involved with Peggy's List - a list which highlights women who are available to speak at our industry events and comment on trade media articles - See More info here

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