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Weird Places to Advertise

Inspiration to push 'beyond the mainstream' through these weird and wonderful advertising placements.  Enjoy....

Have you seen a 'weird' advertising placement? - get in touch - and we'll add to this list

Lambient Advertising - No Kidding!

MediaScope Weird Places to Advertise


On Breasts - Creepy or Creative?  This Russian media company is having some success selling their 'assets' to various advertisers...

Weird Places to Advertise


Laser etched into raw meat - this unconventional surface was recently used to promote an US based event....

Weird Places to Advertise - Raw Meat


In a beard - a Kentucky (US) based agency recently bought this placement for a local restaurant chain....

MediaScope - Advertise in a beard___________________________________________________________________

On legs - On the busy streets of Tokyo, young women rent out their legs as ad space....

MediaScope - Japanese Advertising on Legs


Within a private phone call - new 'Google Phone' whispers ads into user's ears. If you've ever worried about the power and persuasion in our lives of uber sites-like Google then this parody video via The Onion will confirm all your fears.



In a field - Dutch media vendor - Fresh Green Ads - makes you feel good about advertising by offering a range of options using natural elements - rain, crops, sand & waterdrops....



On a house - US based media vendor - Adzookie - sells advertising placements on houses.  That's one way to pay the mortgage...

MediaScope - Advertising on a House


On the Moon! - the only way to achieve maximum reach for your brand....

MediaScope - Advertising on the Moon


Imprinted onto skin - a NZ based retailer placed raised metal plates on park benches imprinting their advertising message onto skin....

MediaScope - Advertising Imprinted onto Legs


- On a Forehead - An American woman made $10,000 through E-Bay by auctioning a tattooed billboard advertisement on her forehead....

MediaScope - Advertising on Forehead


At a crash scene - just how far would you go to reach your market? While Crashvertising is tongue-in-cheek it clearly shows a line not be crossed....


Have you seen a weird advertising placement? - get in touch - and we'll add to this list.


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