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Topical and Tactical Advertising

While agencies and marketers can be the usual originator - media owners and advertising sales specialists can also proactively develop incremental revenue by creating an ongoing culture and awareness for sales strategies based on tactical and topical advertising opportunities. 

This kind of immediate, date or 'situation relevant' advertising is broken into two key categories...

- Topical Advertising - is placed to react to a major current news event.  An example may be a political or weather event which leverages major mainstream news attention.  The immediacy of the advertisement creates impact so this form of advertising is suited to more instant forms of media where placement and production can be turned around within the day ie print, radio and digital.

The successful creation of topical advertising involves total buy in from marketers, media agency and also their creative agency as quick turn around, approvals and bookings/placements are required.

Real time buying (RTB) is also creating opportunities for topical advertising such as this example of a Stella Artois campaign in the UK where digital signage appeared based on a rise in temperature.

MediaScope - Tactical & Topical Advertising Examples

MeidaScope - Topical Advertising Examples

Tactical Advertising - describes advertisements which are placed to leverage and recognise key dates throughout the calendar year.  Tactical Advertising can be pre-planned as part of an advertisers annual schedule.

Dates for potential tactical advertising placements include:

  • New Years Day - January 1
  • Australia Day - January 26
  • Valentines Day - February 14
  • Easter - Mar/April
  • Anzac Day - April 25
  • Mothers Day - 2nd Sunday in May
  • Queen's Birthday/June Long Weekend
  • Bank Holiday - 1st Monday in Aug
  • Fathers Day - 1st Sunday in Sept
  • Melbourne Cup -1st Tuesday in Nov
  • Halloween- October 31
  • Christmas - December 25
  • Sporting Events & Grand Finals
  • Monthly Interest Rate Announcements - 1st Tuesday each month
  • State and Federal Elections

MediaScope - Topical Advertising Examples

Topical and tactical advertising can be suited to media reaching a broader demographic base or can also be relevant for media reaching niche markets - as an example sporting media can successfully run advertising based on key sporting events. 

Overall - it is an opportunity to create brand impact and response for the client and additional revenue for media.

  • See MediaScope’s Pinterest board for many topical and tactical advertising examples



MediaScope can help you develop a standard base proposal for tactical and topical sales opportunities which can be tailored to specific clients and calendar days. Please get in touch to discuss.

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