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Advertising Category - All Target Markets/Genres, All Australian Locations, All Venues, ----- Mobile Billboards

We advertise organisations on Taxi Wrap and Taxi Back displays. Our media catches the attention of motorists, pedestrians and public transport commuters and operates 24/7. It is exposed to thousands of people in Canberra’s most affluent areas. Taxis in Canberra travel a distance of over 400+km’s every day! Give us a call, or visit our website for more information.
The Mobile Billboard Company is Australia’s leading provider of all Mobile Billboard (Truck & Trailer), Outdoor (OOH, Out of Home) advertising services across Australia

Ooh!Media - Outdoor Advertising

Out of home media company specialising in outdoor advertising solutions ranging from big billboards to shopping centre advertising, mobile billboards and experiential.

MEDIAWORKS - Mobile Billboard Advertising

MobileMedia is a cost-effective & innovative media platform, which brings the message to that hard to reach audience. The high visual impact and distinctive media is delivered to your targeted audience. Attracting instant attention to your brand, event, products or services and ensuring visual dominance; resulting in increased levels of awareness and recall.

Big Impact Advertising

Our mission is to create a Big Impact for our clients through outdoor media and this is achieved by offering a range of innovative outdoor media options to assist you to reach your marketing objectives.

Go Green Billboards

Go Green Billboards is a Sustainable Mobile billboard company using peddel powered vehicles to get your advertising out in new and unique sustainable form that is sure to trun heads.

Team Cycad - Mobile Billboards

Team Cycad is a stunning combination of athletic unity coupled with the impact of moving billboards, targeting highly populated areas and events.

Mobile Billboards Australia

Mobile Billboards Australia (MBA) is a leading provider of mobile bilboard advertising and Outdoor (OOH, Out of Home) advertising services.

Mobile Billboards

Mobile Billboards is based in Sydney and offers advertising services throughout the Sydney CBD metropolitan area as well as in other regional areas.

Rent a Sign - Mobile Billboard Advertising

Rent a Sign provides a range of outdoor advertising billboards include Mobile Billboards, Billboard Trailers, Digital LED Billboards, VMS trailer signs, Double Decker Bus Campaigns, Promotional Vehicles and the Skyboard S320 (The Largest Mobile Billboard in Australia).