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A Consultative Approach to Advertising Sales

Sales is a changing discipline across all industries and arguably the advertising industry has experienced one of the most significant and profound shifts.

While the somewhat scattergun style 'request for proposal' (RFP), relationships and expense accounts still have a strong place in generating advertising revenue, orientating at least some of your sales focus to a strategically lead solutions based approach can create strong additional and long term revenue.Consultative Advertising Sales

This can involve a process with a more consultative and data-driven form of sales where publisher works closely with a client (or agency - but usually at a higher level) to identify marketing objectives and provide tailored, integrated and measurable solutions.

These highly tailored campaigns can be outside of the clients normal budget and can be additional to their standard paid advertising schedule.

This more consultative form of sales can be undertaken in some key steps such as:

  • Identify client(s) within your base where you can build a strong synergy & have a good top level relationship
  • Develop a strong understanding of your clients industry & their marketing objectives
  • Build a data-driven proposition based on key market and audience insights
  • Work in consultation with client to develop campaign solutions based on agreed needs

This is an opportunity for media businesses - of any size and platform - to move to this more consultative and strategic level of sales for at least one client.  The impact on your bottom line and long term revenue could be significant.

MediaScope offers a service where we can help guide you and your team through this entire process.

Please get in touch with MediaScope's founder directly to discuss your needs:


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