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State of the Media - Ray Bull - Bull Art


State of the Media offers a range of articles, opinions & profiles with some of the most senior people in our industry.

ad:tech Australia - Sydney March 18 & 19As part of MediaScope's support for ad:tech's 2014 conference here we feature Ray Bull from Bull Art - who will be speaking at the March conference. ad:tech Australia will be held in Sydney - March 18 & 19.  See conference agenda, speaker line-up and buy tickets here. 

Name: Ray Bull
Works: Bull Art P/L
Job Title & Role Description: Brand Consultant

Please highlight your industry experience and your career path?

Managing director of boutique design firm at 23 years until present. Worked on large accounts for agencies (Mainly B2C) and direct with SME clients (mainly B2B and NFP)State of the Media - Ray Bull - Bull Art - ad:tech Australia 2014

What services does Bull Art offer?

Brand strategy, identity design, brand audits, workshops and training.

What can we expect from your presentation at ad:tech?

Expect a blend of ancient wisdom and corporate marketing techniques. You will learn the key components that together construct the belief system of tribes. A unique insight into largest most enduring tribal brand the world has ever seen ‘Christianity’.

How have brands had to change to meet the needs of consumers in the ever evolving digital media landscape?

Brand doesn't live in the board room anymore they live (or die) with the consumer. That means that organisation must be in a meaningful relationship with them and the starting point for that is to listen not to speak. The ever evolving digital landscape is forcing organisations to more accountable and transparent at the core.

How important is brand today - when so much of digital media marketing is based on clicks, leads, conversions and ROI?

Brands are essential because they speak to the emotional part of our brains which drives our behaviour at times even by passing our logical rational selves. You can't connect, bond and built a trust with a spread sheet.  

Which brands are getting it right?

 Coca-Cola's continues to convince people that brown sugar water = a happy lifestyle by creating great material that gets buzz, often in the form of written content and videos. They are the biggest brand on FB so it's hard to argue they aren’t doing something right - if that's the definition of 'right'?

The series of Volvo stunt videos are a remarkable use of viral and leveraging the digital media landscape.

State of the Media - Ray Bull - Bull Art - ad:tech Australia 2014

 Your client base includes some of Australia's biggest churches - what are their particular brand challenges and how have they addressed these?

Recent secular research into Christianity reveals that the broader community has no issue with Jesus, but people often to take issue with the ‘church’ and some of their views.  If we use a market analogy, the ‘church’ is like the shopfront of Christianity. 

Growth has been limited because of the brand issues with the shopfront, despite the general acceptance of its leader.  Hillsong and other churches such as International Network of Churches have intentionally set out to re-position ‘the church’ as a place to belong, grow, serve and express faith in a relevant contemporary way… without avoiding the issues.


ad:tech Australia - March 18 & 19 Sydneyad:tech Australia - Sydney March 18 & 19.  Conference and exhibition for smart marketers across the media and brand advertiser community. See conference agenda, speaker line-up and buy tickets here.


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