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State of the Media Profiles: Anonymous Media Sales Specialist

As part of the 2014 State of the Media industry survey (undertaken by MediaScope and TrinityP3), where results highlight the ongoing inefficiencies and frustrations surrounding the media trading process.

This Q&A is from an anonymous source involved in digital media sales...

What are the day to day challenges you deal with?

State of the Media Profile - Anonymous Media SalesIn the main it’s dealing with agencies however managing publisher expectations can also be a challenge from time to time.

Please outline the bigger picture challenges you see for our industry?

Technology can play an important role in some aspects of the process but it shouldn’t replace the human aspect in it’s entirety. For example, if an agency/client is looking to buy x amount of display impressions across a network, then of course technology can make life easier. However, technology won’t come up with the ideas/concept for a great campaign.

The lack of experienced and talented agency staff is becoming an increasing problem. This isn’t helped by the high levels of turnover within agencies.

As a result it’s very rare that any truly good ideas get off the ground because the average agency person doesn’t take the time to explore the opportunity properly and the conversation will invariably come back to...’how many page impressions can we get for x amount’. The result is that clients are never going to get the best result...

From your perspective in media sales what's it like dealing with media agencies?

In the main, it’s an absolute nightmare. We’re dealing with people that just don’t ‘get it’ and that includes an understanding of their client and the objectives. This is proven by the fact that your average agency person won’t come back to you on new opportunities which are quite obviously a great ‘fit’ and when you speak to the marketing manager, they see the relevancy and are interested straight away.

I appreciate that they’re under pressure from their clients but in the main they give you next to no insight and expect you to provide solutions. As an example, I was recently asked by an agency contact how many people they could expect to enter a competition and when I asked what the prize was, they couldn’t tell me! The fact they even asked the question and expected an educated answer sums it up!

On the flip side, there are some very good people working in media agencies (you can count them on one hand) that are great to work with. They give you true insight, they’re open to ideas, they give you feedback and ultimately they want to work together to come up with the best solutions for the client – which is the way it should be.

What can the industry do right now to address the challenges you raise?

That’s a difficult one as this has been an ongoing problem (which is getting worse) for a long time. Ultimately I think there’s a real ‘us and them’ mentality between agencies and publishers and until we focus on working together, the situation won’t change for the better.

Please highlight the good things you see happening in our industry?

The passion that the majority of publishers show and their commitment to producing good quality content and products.

How do you think our industry will evolve in 5 years time?

Technology will play a more prominent role, possibly too much. I’d like to think that some of the above problems will be solved but I have a feeling we’ll still be talking about the same issues in 5 years time.


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