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State of the Media - Joel Nicholson - Marketsoft


State of the Media offers a range of articles, opinions & profiles from a broad range of people across our industry.

ad:tech Australia - Sydney March 18 & 19Here we feature Joel Nicholson - Managing Director of Marketsoft - and ask him to speak about his involvement with ad:tech and to offer his views on the the state of digital media. 

The ad:tech Australia conference is being held in Sydney - March 18 & 19.  See conference agenda, speaker line-up and buy tickets here. 

  • Name: Joel Nicholson
  • Works: Marketsoft
  • Job Title & Role Description: Managing Director

Please highlight your industry experience and your career path?State of the Media - Joel Nicholson - Marketsoft

After a short career in physics and an even shorter career in professional golf, Joel has been a marketing data and technology specialist for the past 17 years. Joel took over Marketsoft 8 years ago and has grown the organisation into a leading marketing data services organisation in Australia and neighbouring regional countries.

What services does MarketSoft offer?

Agile data services.  At Marketsoft, we believe that marketing should be all about the customer, and that data provides an unprecedented opportunity to make this happen.

Data allows marketers to shift their mindset from a dated product-centric mentality to the new era where all marketing actions are defined by the customer.

State of the Media - Joel Nicholson - MarketsoftWe help our customers resolve their data challenges and use data to better understand customer behaviours and needs to create a better customer-driven experience. We provide agile data services including: Data Management Platforms, data quality, data matching and enhancement, analytics and insights, customer and donor journeys, segmentation and personalisation and finally privacy and compliance.

What can we expect from ad:tech this year?

The why and how to get ready for the audience building era, moving the thinking from product centric to customer centric.

How have marketers had to change to meet the needs of their audience in the ever evolving digital media landscape - particularly in reference to managing their data?

The big change is the internet and the proliferation of devices and applications that customers can use to interconnect. Data is coming from many more sources in many different shapes and forms and is therefore opening up a great opportunity for marketers to become truly customer centric. 

Marketers have to be far more agile in their fundamental approach of testing and learning as the luxury of mass scale product centric marketing isn't sustainable in this new era.

We hear the terms big data, smart data and dark data - as this area evolves, what are the key learnings as expertise further develops in the use of 'data’?

Firstly, assume there will always be data challenges. As data scale and complexity grows, data quality becomes less important and data inference becomes a more important aspect of understanding your customers.


ad:tech Australia - March 18 & 19 Sydneyad:tech Australia - Sydney March 18 & 19.  Conference and exhibition for smart marketers across the media and brand advertiser community. See conference agenda, speaker line-up and buy tickets here.


Which marketers are getting it right?

Woolworth/NAB/Quantium are breaking new ground on a global scale in big data. Their customer insights and ability to provide a better customer experience become far more accurate when combining credit card transactions, retail behaviour and sophisticated analytics on mass and in near real-time.

Another good example of marketers getting it right are the small teams within mid-size organisations that aren't so restricted by disparate systems and regulations. Starlight Foundation, are applying a fast agile approach to innovating customer journeys that deliver highly data-driven customer experiences.

Name some clients you're working with - and what particular challenges are you helping them address?

DMG events (producers of ad:tech) is a good example of an mid-size organisation with an agile data-driven marketing team. Their phase 1 to creating a far richer more customer-centric experience was to connect three key customer platforms (CRM, Website, Email) with our marketing data hub to deliver personalised single customer views that can engage customers in real-time. 

American Express was challenged with varied attrition rates across a growing range of lead sources and acquisition models. By connecting marketing hypothesis, data insights, and actionable customer-facing initiatives in an agile approach, results were achieved quickly.

Where do you get your industry information from?

I highly recommend attending conferences around the world to keep in touch with the constant change and variety of ideas.  We also host our own community groups on social sites like LinkedIn and have other sources such as automated key word research on the internet.

What industry groups or networks are you part of?

ad:tech, ADMA, FIA, EO, and follow many online thought leaders.


ad:tech Australia - March 18 & 19 Sydneyad:tech Australia - Sydne.y March 18 & 19.  Conference and exhibition for smart marketers across the media and brand advertiser community. See conference agenda, speaker line-up and buy tickets here.

  • Ray Bull - from Bull Art - talks about the importance of brand in a performance and data driven marketing environment - and offers a preview of his ad:tech presentation


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