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State of the Media - UN LTD

A special Q&A profile with Carol Morris from non-profit industry foundation - UN LTD - who shares information and tells us how we can all get involved and support this highly worthwhile cause.

  • To find out how easy it is to get behind this industry initiative please contact or call her on 0400 334 005.

Your name: Carol Morris
Your role: General Manager of UN LTD.

How did you come to this role with UN LTD?State of the Media - UN LTD - Carol Morris

I think you could say that it was a moment of serendipity for me that I found myself being offered this role.

Having spent more years than I am willing to acknowledge working in an industry that I loved, it somehow felt that the time was right to make a change but I never saw myself moving far from from the  work and the people I admire and respect.  I have for years had a persistent thought about wanting to do something that was good for the soul. So long story short, I get a call pre Christmas about an opportunity at UN LTD –  I was sold on the vision, the opportunities  and impact we could make before the hot chocolate got cold. 
What is UN LTD?

UN LTD is a non-for-profit industry foundation that  supports various charities deemed to make the greatest impact on 'eliminating youth disadvantage' in Australia. That is the formal line and I think really important at this juncture to put into context what we mean by 'youth disadvantage' - this is young people that have suffered or are suffering through things like abuse, neglect, trauma, addiction, homelessness, physical and mental health issues, family breakdowns, grief and loss.

Why did UN LTD start?

Many people, particularly in the media side of industry will be familiar with our former name of Media Assisting Youth and its annual MAYDAY fundraising event.  Kerry McCabe saw a unique opportunity to tap into the talent, energy and privileged position of influencing behaviour and opinion and to  channel this to support various charities that tackle  youth disadvantage in Australia. 

Six years later UN LTD, through the support of its media partners, has raised over $7million in value to its beneficiaries including $5million in cash plus mentoring and media exposure. 27,000 young Australians have participated in an UN LTD funded program.

Who is involved with UN LTD?State of the Media - UN LTD

We have seven high profile, very passionate and very results orientated  Directors including Kerry McCabe, Mat Baxter (UM), Mark Britt (CEO of Mi9), Adam Furness (SCA), Janine Wood (APN), Rebecca Darley (Ikea) and Barry O'Brien as a Patron.  We also have a team of incredible volunteers and committee members that make stuff happen.

Who does UN LTD support and how?

Each year  we assesses  beneficiary applications and evaluate these through various layers including their ability to impact the highest need at risk young people, can demonstrate tangible outcomes from a specific program(s), have little or no government funding, have a vision  to create a more sustainable commercial model to allow them to continue and grow.

The programs we provide include:

  • UN LTD MEDIA - cash grants and media inventory
  • UN LTD MENTOR - mentoring  through skill set matching of industry specialists with the needs of the charity
  • UN LTD GIVING - 360 degree corporate program (including pre tax payroll, volunteering and mentoring)

What are your future plans?

UN LTD GIVING - is where we can truly have an impact.  The engagement of companies and their employees to contribute in a way that offers simplicity and flexibility has the potential to generate phenomenal outcomes.

How can we make a difference?

We are hearing more and more from individuals in our industry who want to use their skills or time for good and just don't know where to start.  There are also companies who want to develop or improve their social footprint but acknowledge they need help as this gets lost amongst the focus of achieving commercial success. 

UN LTD is the perfect connector to offer a meaningful social program that engages employees in a way that they can best contribute.    Simply put, we make it easy for everyone.

The action is pretty simple –  call us so we can come and explain more about UN LTD GIVING.

  • To find out how easy it is to get behind this industry initiative please contact or call her on 0400 334 005.


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