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State of the Media

Launching in 2013, State of the Media is a series and annual survey co-produced by TrinityP3 & MediaScope, which aims to raise awareness of the challenges facing all parts of the Australian media trading industry.  Survey results are presented each year at Mumbrella360.

Scroll down for an overview of results and commentary from the 2013 and 2014 surveys - and relevant articles and profiles looking at The State of the Media...

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State of the Media - Industry Survey Results 2014

State of the Media survey: Complexity and agency relationships frustrate marketers (via Mumbrella) - Marketers are struggling with the increasing complexity of the industry, the challenges of managing their agency roster and are questioning the industry’s measurement of effectiveness across channels according to the latest State of the Media Industry report.


What is the state of the Australian media – an industry perspective (via TrinityP3) Last week at the Mumbrella360 event in Sydney we presented the findings of the ‘State of the Media’ research undertaken by MediaScope and TrinityP3. The top line of the results is available here on Mumbrella. Or a copy of the findings can be obtained by emailing Denise Shrivell at We decided as part of the session we would illicit responses to some of the commentary provided during the survey. For this we extracted some of the more controversial, negative and derisive comments made across the three groups of marketers, media and agencies and media sales / media owners.


State of the Media Session at Mumbrella360 2014 in Sydney The second State of the Media survey results will be presented again during a session at Mumbrella360 at 3pm on Wednesday, June 4, in Sydney. The survey, launched last year by Darren Woolley from TrinityP3 and Denise Shrivell from MediaScope, aims to create awareness and be a platform for discussion on the issues and challenges affecting all aspects of the media trading process.



State of the Media - Industry Survey Results 2013

Mumbrella360 - State of the MediaResearch Findings Whitepaper - get in touch for your copy of the whitepaper highlighting TrinityP3/MediaScope State of the Media research findings.

State of the Media - Video Miniseries - watch the presentation and panel discussion at Mumbrella360 in June 2013

PHDAustralia Podcast - Mumrellaland - all the news from the recent Mumbrella360 conference including comments on the State of the Media panel discussion

State of the Media Survey Results - Review & Next Steps - blog post by MediaScope's founder reviewing the State of the Media panel discussion at Mumbrella360 

Is the Media Industry All Talk & No Action? - No-one can deny the huge transformation taking place in the media industry. It affects all areas from the buyer to the seller and the intermediaries, the agencies. It poses significant problems and challenges in the way the category works and delivers value.


Recent articles & views looking at the State of the Media

  • Have Media Rebates & Kickbacks Killed Media Neutral Planning (TrinityP3) - "With the increasing choice of media channels available to marketers, there has been a growing necessity to obtain media-neutral advice on the most effective way to select & buy access to the media channels. But there are changes happening, often beneath the surface that is making the concept of media neutrality increasingly more difficult to achieve."
  • 6 Excuses Media Agencies Use to Not Deliver Promised Discounts (TrinityP3) - "You have run the media tender and managed to secure a new agency who has promised amazing savings not only on your agency fees, but also buying your media at 20% or 30% better than your incumbent agency could ever deliver. What’s more they’ve guaranteed it. In bold type with 100% of their profit at risk if they fail to deliver. It is too good to be true. And it probably is, so prepare yourself with the excuses that will inevitably come should you bother to check if these promises are delivered."
  • How 'Big Data' Will Transform Media Agencies (Chris Walton - Mumbrella) - "If you operate in media agency land and you do not recognise the impact Big Data will have on your business, you will need all the luck you can get. As media agencies attempt to understand and adapt to the Big Data age, there are several factors that will be fascinating to see play out".



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