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All About emma and Roy...

In the past few years there's been a huge shake-up in the print readership measurement sector through the launch Ipsos's emma (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) as a competitor to Roy Morgan's long established service.

To bring you up to date with emma's print readership measurement platform and market reaction we've collated quick facts - and a range of articles, insights and opinion from the Australian advertising trade media.  As is often the case these articles have generated a range of worthwhile and interesting comments from named and anonymous sources....

Quick Facts:

  • emmaPrint Readership Measurement - EMMA
  • About: Funded by major newspaper/magazine publishers through independent global measurement business - Ipsos. Endorsed by the MFA, the MPA and the AANA.
  • Methodology: Rolling telephone and online survey of 54,000 people, who upload their results to an online survey.  Cross Platform Reports through fused data with Nielson Online.
  • Data:  Press and Newspaper Readership. Sectional Newspaper Readership Results. Engagement Measures. Audience Segmentation. Currently Limited 'Total Audience' Cross Platform Usage.
  • Results: Released Quarterly.  Monthly from November.
  • Costs to Publishers:  Competitive to incumbant. Varies depending on size of publisher.
  • Costs to Agencies to Access:  Not released.
  • Roy Morgan ResearchPrint Readership Measurement - Roy Morgan
  • About: Launching in 1941, Roy Morgan produced Australia's only print and magazine readership currency till EMMA's launch.
  • Methodology: Face-to-face weekend interviews, with respondents asked to recall their media habits over the past week using paper questionnaires.
  • Data: Press and Magazine Readership. Multi-year trending data - users can look over multiple years to measure trends, events and seasonality.
  • Results: Recently moved to monthly. (previously quarterly)
  • Costs to Publishers: N/A
  • Costs to Agencies to Access: N/A
  • emma Mythbusters - The Newspaper Works and emma answers the industry's commentators and critics

August 2015

  • Roy Morgan Survey Claims More Australians Read Catalogues than Newspapers Last Year (Mumbrella) - More Australians are reading catalogues during an average week then newspapers, a Roy Morgan survey has claimed.

    According to the latest media data from the research company, almost 10.5m Australians read or looked into one or more catalogues during an average week in the year to June 2015. Mark Hollands CEO of the NewspaperWorks has fiercely rejected the research, telling Mumbrella: “I don’t see the relevance of the comparison.”

May 2015

  • Roy Morgan Loses Millions. Single Source Hardest Hit (AdNews) - According to documents lodged with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Roy Morgan has lost $7.85 million in the financial year ending June 2014. In the breakdown of the losses, its total sales revenue fell to $54.1 million from $58.7 million in 2013. Traditional research businesses have been challenged by several forces, for some time including the decline of traditional market research activities and diminishing revenue from the publisher market. A reason for Roy Morgan's declines during the 2013/2014 FY could be linked to the newspaper publishers forming their own metric, Emma, seeing them pile out of Roy Morgan.

Mumbrella Articles...

August 2014 - emma's 1 Year Anniversary...

All About EMMA & Roy - Mumbrella Commentary

  • EMMA fails to become industry readership currency as most media agencies still don’t subscribe - Readership survey Enhanced Media Metrics Australia (EMMA) has not been taken up by the majority of Australia’s biggest media agencies, despite the price of the data being slashed by owners The Readership Works. A poll by Mumbrella has revealed just seven of the 20 major agencies in Australia are paying to subscribe to the metric, with Starcom and Match Media the only two to confirm their subscriptions.
  • More people sharing hard copies of mags and papers now than a year ago suggests EMMA - The hard copy of almost every major newspaper and magazine in Australia is being passed between more readers now than this time last year, according to the first year on year readership data from newspaper industry funded Enhanced Media Metrics Australia (EMMA). An analysis of 46 titles in today’s EMMA data by Mumbrella shows that the number of readers per copy (RPC) has risen for all but four of the titles, whilst 24 have actually increased their readership in the past 12 months. Meanwhile circulation was down for all but three of the newspaper and magazine titles analysed, as of the last available Audit Bureau of Circulation numbers, for the year to March 2014.


  • I'm Not Sure About Emma - Opinion piece by Mumbrella's Tim Burrowes - "Readership numbers make my head spin. Not least because it often feels like the more I learn about how they work, the less I know. It will be hard for you to go near the trade press over the next few days and remain unaware of EMMA."
  • Publishers new readership metric - The first set of data from the new readership metric Enhanced Media Metrics Australia (EMMA) has recorded a significant increase in the audience of many of Australia’s largest publishers compared with rival Roy Morgan Research.


AdNews articles..

August 2014 - EMMA's 1 Year Anniversary...All About EMMA & Roy -AdNews Commentary

  • EMMA turns 1: Revealing YOY Data for the First Time - The Northern Territory News has emerged as Australia's fastest growing mashead with the first ever year-on-year readership comparisons released by Emma (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) revealing it has jumped by 55.6% on a diet of crocs, sharks and outrageous tabloid storys that put its big city rivals in the shade. So successful has the NT News' push been that its total audience is more than double the population of its home city, Darwin. As Emma celebrated its first birthday it revealed year-on-year comparisons for the first time for newspapers and magazines.


  • Readership Data:  BRW halves, Zoo doubles according to EMMA vs Roy Morgan - New data has suggested much bigger audiences than previously reported for consumer magazines such as Donna Hay, PlayStation and Famous. Lads mag Zoo Weekly, has almost double the readership according to EMMA than it has according to Roy Morgan. But there are also some massive drop-offs for some titles under the new metric.
  • Roy Morgan launches new products to fend of EMMA - Roy Morgan today launched a response to the threat posed by competition in the readership metric market with the rollout of a bunch of new products. CEO Michele Levine outlined the details earlier this month.
  • Roy Morgan ambushes the Readership Work's launch - Roy Morgan has ambushed its newspaper and magazine readership data rival. It is going to market with a beefed-up offering across media, including monthly data releases for agencies and the ability to plug in third party data sets and population profiling, three days before the launch of the Readership Works' new metric.
  • EMMA 'better than UK' readership metric, Roy Morgan to feel heat - The launch of readership metric EMMA on Monday will put Roy Morgan under serious pressure for the first time. Ipsos, the firm behind it, also delivers the UK's main readership survey. Ipsos said EMMA is better than what it does in the UK. Media agencies have said Roy Morgan should be worried by the MFA-backed newcomer. There may not be room for both.


Marketing Magazine articles..

August 2014 - EMMA's 1 Year Anniversary...All About EMMA & Roy - Marketing Mag Commentary

  • The first full year of data from EMMA shows overall readership stable, with digital growth offsetting print decline - The first full year of data from the newspaper industry’s readership measurement system EMMA (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia), conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, finds more than half of all print readers also consume a digital newspaper. EMMA data for the 12 months to June 2014 show the total cross-platform audience of newspapers in Australia at 16.4 million people. Nine out of 10 of those readers consume a printed edition, compared with five out of 10 consuming digital formats (there’s overlap there, obviously).


  • Emma vs Roy: big discrepancies in readership data between rival measures - Big differences have emerged in readership data as new measurement system EMMA (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) today released its first round of figures. The data (which is collected independently by Ipsos and funded by the publishing industry) shows a significant upswing to the readership figures released by Roy Morgan last week.


BandT articles..

August 2014 - EMMA's 1 Year Anniversary...All About EMMA & Roy - B&T Commentary

  • SMH Tops EMMA Total Masthead ReadershipSydney Morning Herald is Australia’s number one news masthead cross-platform in total readership, according to EMMA data. The audience measurement survey has released year-on-year comparisons for the first time and shows SMH’s audience has grown by 19% year-on-year, with 5.4 million Australians reading The Sydney Morning Herald across all platforms (print, web, mobile and tablet) each month. The SMH now leads its nearest competitor by more than one million readers.


  • New EMMA data lifts almost all print titles - The first set of the new Enhanced Media Metrics Australia (EMMA) readership data has been released today, showing up to 80% difference from the established Roy Morgan numbers for some titles.
  • Publishing giants swoon over EMMA numbers - Australia’s major publishers have given a ringing endorsement to EMMA (enhanced media metrics Australia), which was released this morning. News Corp CEO Julian Clarke (pictured), who last week took over the reins from former boss Kim Williams, went called it "an historic occasion for the media industry”.


AFR articles (log in required)..

August 2014 - EMMA's 1 Year Anniversary...All About EMMA & Roy - AFR Commentary

  • Digital platforms push up readership levels - The country’s major newspapers have grown their readership levels over the past year, as declining print sales were offset by surging digital engagement. Enhanced Media Metrics Australia showed Fairfax Media’s The Sydney Morning Herald was the most-read publication, as its monthly readership across print, web, tablets and mobile grew by 19 per cent to 5.4 million for the year ended June. Fairfax’s The Australian Financial Review boosted its readership by 2.7 per cent to 1.39 million over the same period, with monthly web readers growing by 73 per cent.



The Australian - Media articles (log-in required)

August 2014 - EMMA's 1 Year Anniversary...All About EMMA & Roy - Australian Commentary

  • News Corp Bucking the Newspaper Decline - NEWS Corp Australia has bucked the trend of declining newspaper print readership to post a 2 per cent increase across its national, metropolitan and regional titles over the past year, well above the 4 per cent decline across all major newspaper print mastheads. Print readership of major News Corp papers rose to 9.4 million a week, while print and digital audiences across all News Corp platforms rose to 15.226 million a month, the biggest audience of any publisher.


  • Reader reality delivered at last - AUSTRALIAN publishers have put aside historic commercial rivalries to develop a more accurate and contemporary way of measuring newspaper and magazine consumption, and which is being billed as a game-changer. The industry-backed survey, which has the support of all the major publishers, including News Corp Australia and Fairfax Media, almost doubles the reader numbers for some mastheads compared with the decades-old metric provided by Roy Morgan Research.
  • Rival reader survey sees numbers soar - NEWSPAPER and magazine readership research has been turned on its head with the launch today of a new industry-backed survey that almost doubles the reader numbers for some mastheads compared with the existing metric provided by Roy Morgan Research.


Crikey article...


Publishers Australia article...


  • What does EMMA mean for PA Members? - A number of Publishers Australia member titles are included in both the EMMA and Roy Morgan readership surveys. We asked them how they felt about the discrepancies between the data.


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