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Mixing Paid, Owned & Earned Media

The Holy Grail...

Jo Macdermott from Next Marketing offers this case study showing how her client - KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions (KHD) - a Melbourne based commercial landscape designer - successfully combine elements from paid, owned and earned media into their marketing mix....
Next Marketing
Since leaving my last corporate gig in 2007, the media and marketing world has substantially changed. Back then, I don’t even recall using the word Twitter and whilst websites were important, blogs were still a bit ‘left of centre’.  How things have changed in a few short years.

One of the challenges of media (and marketing) in 2012 is that there is more choice. Whilst there are seemingly more ‘free things’ that businesses can do (i.e., social media), the mix of media is actually quite daunting and more difficult than ever before.

The good news for business owners is that it is possible to change the media mix in a progressive and meaningful way, without undoing what is already working well. To demonstrate this, I thought I would share a real life example from the Next Marketing business.

KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions (KHD) is a small business supplying a variety of goods to the landscaping and building industry. When Next Marketing started to work with KHD in 2007, the media mix was heavily focused on print (paid) advertising.  The KHD website (owned) was basic, covered off the main areas of the business but really wasn’t driving sales or enquiries. Earned media (PR or editorial mentions) wasn’t in the mix at all however; online directories (paid) were starting to be explored. Email marketing (owned) was also in the background, however KHD's last campaign had been sent 12 months prior.

Fast forward to 2012 and the main priority is now the website (owned), online resources (a mix of earned and paid) and perhaps not surprisingly, print advertising (paid) is starting to be weaned out of the mix. 

To make this transformation from 2007 to 2012, these were the three key steps:

  • Developing strong relationships with key print advertising contacts meant KHD were able to be part of a test pilot for an online directory, which was being re-launched. This meant that KHD got in first, had six months of free exposure and were ahead of the game when it was formally launched.  This gave KHD momentum and experience to do the same with other online directories.

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  • Moving the email marketing program from a ‘PDF attachment’ to a colourful and branded HTML email gave KHD the confidence and results to invest in a major website upgrade.
  • The new website has lead to new supplier opportunities, which has grown the business, and delivered many new leads.

The journey continues for KHD and the big world of social media is the next frontier.  Changing the media mix to a more balanced paid, owned and earned composition has really opened up new opportunities for this client.

MediaScope - Paid, Owned & Earned Advertising & Marketing - Sept 12

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