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Out of Home & Outdoor Advertising - Terms & Definitions

A comprehensive list of outdoor and out-of-home advertising terms and definitions....

ALLOTMENT - The number of unilluminated and illuminated panels in a poster showing.

AWARENESS - A measurement of the percentage of viewers remembering an outdoor design in a test market.

BACK LIGHT - A box like display consisting of an advertiser's message printed on a translucent material which is then internally illuminated.

BLEED POSTER - A poster designed so that the copy can fill the entire space inside the molding or frame of the display. 

BULLETIN - A standardized outdoor advertising structure usually measuring 14' x 48', which is meant to display an advertising message that is either printed on paper or painted directly on the display or on a vinyl material.

CIRCULATION - Gross: The total number of people moving in any direction past a given outdoor advertising location. Effective: The number of people passing an outdoor advertisement who may reasonably be expected to see it.

COLLATING - Arranging the individual sheets of posters into the order in which they will be posted on the panel.

COPY - Pictorial design, background, message, etc., to be displayed on outdoor advertising displays.

COST PER THOUSAND (CPM) - The cost of reaching one thousand potential viewers of an outdoor advertising display. It is calculated by dividing the monthly cost by the monthly circulation in thousands.

CUTOUTS AND SPACE EXTENSIONS - Reproductions of that portion of graphic elements projecting beyond the normal limits of the painted bulletin to dramatize copy and advertising message.

DAY GLO - A patented trade name of certain inks and lacquers that fluoresce when activated by a light source.

DISPLAY PERIOD - That period of time during which a particular outdoor advertising campaign is being exhibited.

EMBELLISHMENT - Any added feature to an outdoor structure such as cutouts, neon or plastic letters, 3-dimensional objects, extensions, etc.

EIGHT SHEET POSTER - A 6' x 12' poster panel with a 5' x 11' copy area.

FACE (facing) - The direction structures are built to display the advertising copy, for example, a south facing panel can be read by northbound traffic.

FREQUENCY - The number of times an average individual has the opportunity to be exposed to an advertising message during a defined time period.

GROSS RATING POINT (GRP) - GRP's represent the number of impression opportunities (without regard to audience duplication) expressed as a percent of the population of a specific market normally quoted on a daily basis.

LITHOGRAPHY - A method of printing frequently employed in the mass production of posters. The design to be reproduced is transferred to a metal plate; the plates are inked and under pressure; the design is printed onto the paper.

LOCATION LISTS - List of locations on which an advertiser's copy is to appear during the display period.

MECHANICALS - Photostatted elements of a design scaled in the desired position to illustrate the basic design concept.

MOBILE PANEL - A trailer-mounted double-faced poster panel which is transported to a given location and usually employed for merchandising purposes at retail outlets.

OUT-OF-HOME MEDIA - All forms of advertising that are placed outdoors to be viewed by consumers.

PERMANENT - An outdoor display that remains at a specific location for an extended period of time, usually for a one year term.

PHOTOLITHS - Photo-descriptive sheets which describe bulletin or wall display locations in relation to the market. Photolith sheets usually include a photograph of the display, a map showing the exact location and information relative to the surrounding area.

POSTER PANEL - An outdoor advertising structure on which outdoor advertising posters are displayed.

POSTERIZE - An illustration technique used primarily for silk screen in order to give a 4-color process appearance even though flat color patterns are used.

PRE-PASTING - A technique for applying paste to the surface of posters in the plant rather than in the field.

RAIN-LAP - A posting method by which the top sheets overlap the lower ones similar to the way shingles are placed on a roof. This allows the rain to skim off the paper rather than accumulate.

REACH - The number of people, as a percentage of the target population, that are exposed to an advertising message.

SHOWING - The number of poster panels, usually expressed in GRP's, which relate directly to the population of the market.

SILK SCREEN - A method of printing used to produce outdoor posters in small quantities.

SNIPE - An overlay or additional advertising message that is pasted on a poster to announce additional information such as prices changes, dates, dealer information, etc.

SPECTACULAR - An outdoor advertising display that is embellished with electrical features such as flashing letters, neon lighting, and other special effects.

24-SHEET - A 12' x 25' poster panel with a 104" x 234" copy area.

30-SHEET - A 12' x 25' poster panel with a 115" x 259" copy area.

36-SHEET (bleed poster) - A 12' x 25' poster panel with 125" x 272" copy area.

WALL DISPLAY - An advertising display that is placed on the surface of a building and displayed to consumers. Wall displays generally have high impact due to their large size and customized creative which must fit the particular dimensions of each wall.


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