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Annual Online Advertising Expenditure

We've gathered annual Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) online advertising expenditure figures since they became available in financial year 02/03 and have created this interesting overview of trends within the major media types.

In line with a fast evolving online and digital media market, methodology in calculating expenditure figures has changed.  As an example for the first time in 11/12 figures estimates for Google and Facebook display advertising has been included.

While these differing methodologies should be kept in mind, interesting trends can still be seen.

If you'd like a PDF of this slide please get in touch.

MediaScape - Australian Online Advertising Expenditure




IAB Australia Releases Updated Expenditure Data - 29 Aug 2014: TV Advertisers embrace digital video as total online advertising expenditure surges towards $4.5bn - Video advertising has been confirmed as the industry darling for FMCG, retail and finance brands, growing 76 percent year on year to reach $196m for the financial year ended 30th June 2014. FMCG is the dominant industry in video advertising with 18.2 percent share, more than 2.5 times higher than its 7.2 percent share of general display advertising, according to video advertising category data included for the first time in IAB Australia's quarterly Online Advertising Expenditure Report (OAER). Together, FMCG, retail and finance accounts for 43 percent of all video advertising. This is ahead of Metro TV advertising, where these three sectors account for 40 percent of advertising.

Advertising Expenditure Types

  • Display - Expenditure on advertising such as banner advertisements of many different sizes and formats, affiliate marketing programmes, partnerships, sponsorships, emails, video, mobile & social media advertising
  • Classifieds - Expenditure on ads placed to buy or sell an item or service, or to report an item of information.
  • Search and Directories - Expenditure from online directory or search engine listings.
  • Please note: This report does not include any e-commerce or transaction based expenditure.

Source:  Interactive Advertising Bureau of Australia (IAB) & PwC


Further Resources

  • Digital Media Trading Market  - well known overview which keeps track of the fast evolving Australian digital media trading landscape (updated to the MediaScope site monthly)
  • Also see Digital MediaScape YOY comparison - 2010/2011/2012/2013 - for an overview of the fast changing nature of this market


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