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MediaScope's Live Friday Chat

For around an hour most Fridays MediaScope presents a live chat featuring some of the most experienced people in the Australian media & advertising industry where we'll discuss a key topic as well as issues of our media week.

The podcast and video replays are available to view through the links below.

From March 2017 MediaScope shifts to a live podcast through audio streaming platform Spreaker. Please register with Spreaker here and follow MediaScope for an alert as we go live. You can also access and download the replays below...

Live Podcast Replays...

Find all Live Podcast Replays here...

Mark Pollard - Might Jungle

Danielle Uskovic - Lenovo

Stackla's Damien Mahoney

Paul Fisher from UnLtd - Our Industry Charity 

Creative Guru Jon Holloway on Advertising Fails - recent advertising fails from Stoner Sloth to Coopers Brewery and consumer's ability for backlash and boycott through social media. We'll explore why this happens and the disconnect between brands and their consumers.  We'll also discuss the ethics of advertising through categories such as online gambling. Register with Spreaker here and follow MediaScope for an alert as we go live - or listen here LIVE  

MediaScope's Live PodcastStarcom's Media Futures Report: March 17 - join Starcom's Graeme Wood - where we spoke about the Annual Starcom Media Futures Report where this year the topic was 'From Customer Experience to Human Experience'.  We'll also discussed some key industry issues and news of our media week including the increased presence of consultancies such as PwC in the agency landscape. Listen to the Replay &/or download here

Download Starcom's 2017 Media Futures Report HERE


MediaScope Live PodcastStop Funding Hate & Fake News: March 10 - Media academic from UTS - Jenna Price - and Founder of UK initiative - Stop Funding Hate - speaks about the increase in divisive editorial content and the actions marketers are taking around the globe to remove their support of this content. We also spoke about the success of Stop Funding Hate, the differences in free speech & hate speech - the importance of supporting good journalism - & how this should not only include consumers but also extend to advertisers.  Listen to the replay &/or download here


Please note - the Blab platform where these live video chats were produced ceased operating in August 2016. 

Brus Media's Founder Nic Blair: August 5, 2016 - Nic joins the live chat today to talk about Australia's mobile media landscape where we talk about issues and challenges - and PokemonGo.


Eyeota's Co-Founder Trent Lloyd: May 27, 2016 - Trent joins the live chat to talk about changes in the Australian digital media industry, his journey with Eyeota and how publishers are successfully using data...


AMAA's (Audit Bureau) CEO Josanne Ryan: May 20, 2016 - Josanne joins the live chat to discuss the just released results of their inagaural Media Data Trust Survey.  Click here to access full survey results


Anthill's Founder James Tuckerman: May 4, 2016 - James joined the panel to talk about his recent open letter & marketing for small busines.  Click here to see the live chat

Live Friday Chat - Anthill's James Tuckerman


Pearman Media's 20th Anniversary: April 29, 2016 - Dom Pearman joins the panel today to talk about his agency's 20th Anniversary, changes in the market & being an indie media agency in a landscape increasingly dominated by holding companies.


Audience Data: April 8, 2016 - Alice Almeida from Hitwise joins the panel today to talk about audience data.  


The NBN: April 1, 2016 - Senator Scott Ludlam, ADMA's Jodie Sangster, Adtech Sydney Chair Iain McDonald joins the panel today to talk about the NBN and the impact on the Australian marketing, media and advertising industry. Please excuse some technical issues in sound - & I disappear half way through.  A perfect example of our bad internet connectivity. See a transcript of the full 55 minute chat here


Friday Live Chat - March 11, 2016 - JJ Eastwood from Rocketfuel & Tom Peacock from Adslot join the panel today to talk about Australia's Programmatic Landscape



Friday Live Chat - March 4, 2016 - Ruby Lucas from SheSays & The Working Model & Kris Howard from GirlGeek & Canva join the panel to talk about women in media, advertising & tech...


Friday Live Chat - February 26, 2016 - Chris Vance from SMG MediaVest joined me to discuss their recently released 2016 Media Futures Report - and all the news of our media week.

Download a copy of the SMG 2016 Media Futures Report here


Friday Live Chat - February 19, 2016 - & receive an alert as we go live.  Friday February 19 at 1pm - where Jodie Sangster from ADMA joined me to discuss their recently launched training initiatives, industry skills shortages - and all the news of our media week.


Friday Live Friday Chat - February 12, 2015 - Rachael Lonergan from The Foundation talks about the recent 'Wellness Leave' initiative bring more flexiblity to her agency. We also discuss news of our media week.


Live Friday Chat - December 11, 2015:  2015 Wrap - Mumbrella's Editor - Alex Hayes joins in to talk about the most significant events of our media year. A broad ranging chat about our media year...


Live Friday Chat - December 4, 2015: 2016 Predictions - Dropping in on the live this week is TrinityP3's Darren Woolley and NewsLifeMedia's Nicole Sheffield who shared their views and forecasts for 2016.


Live Friday Chat - November 20, 2015: Industry Skills Shortages

This week's live chat looked at industry skills shortages with Adam Furness from RadiumOne, Yasmin Sanders from AOL & Gavin Heaton - The Servant of Chaos.


Live Friday Chat - November 13, 2015 - Women in Media

This week's live chat discussed women in media and advertising, Peggy's List, the Event Gender Audit & the issues of our media week (including the storm around Leo Burnett's all male hires) with Alex Allwood from The Holla Agency, Chris Edwards from Adtech & Jane Huxley from Pandora


Live Friday Chat - November 6, 2015: Future of Media Sales

This week's chat featured Fairfax's Chris Freel, ARN's Matt Granger and ICUR's Belinda Kerr where we spoke about the future of media sales. (There are some technical issues for the first few mins of the live chat - edit pending)


Live Friday Chat - October 30, 2015: Digital Media Forecasts

This week's chat featured Zuni's Mike Zeederberg, social media expert, Tiphereth Gloria & Simon Van Wyk where they share their views on the 'Digital People 2010 - 5 Years On' article where they reviewed their 2010 forecasts and look ahead to 2020.


Live Friday Chat - October 23, 2015: Content Marketing

This week's chat featured Bobbi Mahlab from Mahlab Media and Todd Wheatland from King Content where we discussed content marketing after the launch of the content marketing MediaScape -


Live Friday Chat - October 16, 2015: TV Landscape

This week's chat features Angela Goodsir from MCN and Chris Walton from Nunn Media where we discuss the fast evolving TV landscape and the news of our media week.


Live Friday Chat - October 9, 2015: mLab

This week's (and the first, technically glitchy) video chat features - GroupM's Seb Rennie, Adshel's David Roddick & Tribe's Jules Lund - where we discuss the recent mLab Event & other issues of our media week.



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