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MediaScape - Programmatic Workflow

The Programmatic Workflow MediaScape has been created to show how a digital advertisement flows when a consumer first visits a publisher. From this moment a series of events occurs where an ad is then served specifically to them on the publisher's digital media platform.


Each business highlighted in the Programmatic Workflow MediaScape has an on-the-ground presence in the Australian market. We've also attempted to highlight 'pure-play' programmatic businesses (ie with their own proprietary technology) and those who offer self service/log-in access to their clients. To see all vendors in the digital and programmatic sector refer to the digital MediaScape.

  • Industry input is appreciated to keep this and other MediaScapes as accurate as possible.  Please get in touch if you have any comments or feedback - or for a PDF copy.  MediaScapes are shown in presentations and displayed on office walls throughout the industry.
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programmatic workflow MediaScape

programmatic workflow MediaScape - Adslotprogrammatic MediaScape Brains Trust:  Thank you to the team at Adslot for their feedback to ensure this MediaScape reflects its market as accurately as possible



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