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MediaScape - Australian Mainstream Media Ownership

With ongoing speculation surrounding Australia's media ownership rules we keep track of this changing landscape through this 'MediaScape'.

We create and update the MediaScapes regularly and appreciate industry input to keep them as accurate as possible.  Feel free to get in touch if you have any comments or feedback - or if you'd like a PDF copy.

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Current media ownership regulations enforce the “two out of three rule”, where ownership of more than two of either television, radio or newspaper services in a given region is prohibited. And no individual provider is permitted to reach more than 75% of the population.

FACT CHECK:  Is Australia's Media Ownership One of the Most Concentrated in the World? Verdict - Yes!

Mainstream MediaScape - December 16


Media Ownership Table

Timeline of Articles Regarding Australia's Media Ownership Rules:

May 2017

Senate Inquiry Into Future of Journalism 

March 2017

February 2017

December 2016

December 2016

November 2016

October 2016

September 2016

July 2016

April 2016

March 2016

February 2016...

January 2016...

September 2015...

August 2015...

July 2015...

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March 2015...



  • Media Consolidation is Coming - & the Deals Have Probably Already Been Done (Tim Burrows - Mumbrella) - "It’s starting to seem likely that communications minister Malcolm Turnbull will do away with the key rules around media ownership, covering the percentage of the population any individual TV network can reach, and the rule that in any given city, media owners can hold no more than two out of three of newspapers, TV stations and radio stations.  The coming wave of media consolidation could push Ten into the arms of News Corp, Seven into bed with Fairfax Media and Nine".
  • Media Laws Should Serve Everyone - Not Just the Moguls (Guardian) - "Malcolm Turnbull’s proposed changes will potentially benefit the dominant players in the industry most, specifically News Corp. He absolutely believes technological change and a combination of market forces and inspired philanthropy are in the business of sorting out Australia’s diversity problem. If that’s actually your core belief then the logical thing for a communications minister to do is precisely what he’s foreshadowing – rip up the outmoded media regulation, let the industry rationalise while guiding some traffic behind the scenes – like a form of intelligent design, but for the media. The problem is that Turnbull’s assessment of the current media landscape is both right, and quite wrong."
  •   - A new look at anti-siphoning rules
  •   - More handouts for free-to-air networks and in particular Lachlan   Murdoch’s Ten Network
  •   - A return of government recruitment advertising to newspapers
  •   - Curb the ABC I: undoing of the Gillard government’s decision to permanently award Australia’s international television service to the ABC
  •   - Curb the ABC II: as both News Corp and its main rival, Fairfax, are moving behind paywalls, the ABC remains a key competitor
  •   - 100% control of Foxtel - which can only be achieved by forcing out the other 50% shareholder - Telstra
  • Australia's Lamentable Media Diversity Needs a Regulatory Fix (via The Conversation) - Three owners – News Limited, Fairfax Media and APN News and Media – hold approximately 98% of the sector, and two of these owners, News and Fairfax, together hold about 88% of the print media assets in the country. With the exception of Sydney and Melbourne, no other large Australian city has more than a single daily newspaper. 
  • Our Fast Vanishing National Media Diversity (via Crikey) - In fact, our national media diversity comes down to the Murdochs, Kerry Stokes, James Packer, the Gordons, the private equity-controlled Nine and Fairfax. And the first four of those are already acting in concert in various permutations across free-to-air and subscription television.


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