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Media Buying Guide - Mobile Billboard Advertising

Practical advertising buying information and tips for agencies, direct marketers and small to medium business on mobile billboard advertising....

Thank you to guide contributor:  John Reardon from The Mobile BillboardMedia Buying Guide - Mobile Billboard Media Company

Mobile Billboards - Market Description

With inception of this medium in Australia dated back to 1985, Mobile Billboard advertising is tried and tested medium. Mobile Billboards have consistently been used as a hands on and unique tool to target direct geographic areas by clients wishing to zone in and ensure that their not waiting their budget advertising in areas not relevant to them.

Mobile Billboards - Industry Organisation

Not as such, but most accountable Mobile Billboard companies follow guidelines, trends and advice from  the Outdoor Media Association

Mobile Billboards - Benefits to Advertisers

Mobile Billboard advertising provides zero wastage delivering the message immediately at the point of impact in a less cluttered environment (Not surrounded by competitors).

By primarily targeting all motorist and pedestrian traffic in a targeted area, Mobile Billboard campaigns are creative, memorable and cannot be “Switched Off or Tuned out”.

As customers continue to consume media differently, become time poor and more complacent to main stream media, Mobile Billboards simply go where you need them, when you need them, fast. 

Mobile Billboards - Audience & Campaign Measurement Statistics MediaScope Media Buying Guide - Mobile Billboards

Mobile Billboard advertising is considered “Below the line” – with no standard audited audience measuring system in place however advertisers should demand a hands on approach.

This involves ensuring the Mobile Billboard supplier presenting daily photographs, run schedules, traffic reports and counts. GPS technologies have also become available to monitor all activity

Mobile Billboards - Standard Terminology

When booking Mobile Billboard advertising, you might often hear the word “Skins”. Skins are the advertising banners/vinyl that are printed and installed which display the clients message. Another popular metaphor used, more so by the older companies is; “24 sheeter”.  This is an old measurement format which commonly refers to the Mobile Billboard being 6 meters in length by 3 meters in height

Mobile Billboards - What To Watch Out ForMediaScope Media Buying Guide - Mobile Billboards

Advertising buyers need to ensure they are dealing directly with the media company themselves and not 3rd party sales agents.

Some Mobile Billboard companies offer a “national” service – but contract this out to state by state Mobile Billboard suppliers.

This shouldn’t really result in any compromise for the client, but a savvy Advertising buyer should ask if buying a national campaign on behalf of their client if all the vehicles are under the company’s direct management and vehicles are uniform in size and shape.

This ensures that specific instructions or requests are to be carried out as per the campaign requirements – the Advertising buyer can rest assured knowing the Mobile Billboard supplier is controlling and operating the entire project.

Mobile Billboards - Industry Forecast

Many argue that electronic and moving imagery is next for the Mobile Billboard industry but the jury is out.  Mobile Billboards still supply a point of sale, impact and geographic relevant message quickly and efficiently.

Thank you to guide contributor:  John Reardon from The Mobile Billboard Company


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