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Integrating Traditional and Digital Media - 13 Examples

The links between offline and online media are strengthening through the ongoing evolution in technology and personal devices. This is creating targeted, data rich opportunities for marketers and new revenue streams for traditional media publishers.


Here we highlight a range of examples where convergent based technology has been effectively applied to traditional offline advertising...


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  • Range Rover makes their magazine advertising come to life

  • Jaguar uses Shazam within marked TV & radio advertising


  • Pepsi Max uses augmented reality in this London bus shelter


  • Volkswagen applies augmented reality to this French magazine ad


  • Walker’s Crisps created this clever Twitter-activated vending machine in the UK


  • Nivea Protégé Sunscreen promoted an iBeacon 'Location Bracelet' in a Brazillian magazine which interacts with an app to track your child at the beach.


  • Samsung use Near Field Communication (NFC)


  • Marvel’s Captain America enables newspaper readers to interact with the films characters


  • Volkswagen uses cinema to directly reach viewers through their mobile phone


  • Google offers downloadable content to mobile users at Australian airports through interactive billboards 


  • Vogue Magazine Uses 'Conductive Print' to connect the physical and digital versions 


  • Becks use 'Conductive Print' in these interactive street posters


  • Phillipines Airlines uses this interactive kiosk in a shopping centre in NYC


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