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Generating & Measuring Response Through Magazine Advertising

How can print and magazine publishers demonstrate the effectiveness of their advertising in a traditionally brand based media channel - particularly as marketers are demanding more accountability for their investment?

The effectiveness of advertising can be measured through a range of metrics such as customer enquiries, visits or downloads from a digital platform, lifts in purchase intent, brand recall and traditional sales outcome ROI (return on investment).Generating Response in Magazine Advertising

Moving to a more response orientated advertising model is an opportunity for publisher and agency/advertiser to work closely together to clearly define objectives and success metrics, execute tailored response-orientated creative and structure methods to measure response.

Magazine publishers can also leverage one of their inherent features through cross platform advertising in offline and digital environments.

Following are several kinds of response based advertising executions, articles, case studies and examples showing how magazine publishers, globally, are meeting marketers increasing need for measurable response...

Examples of Measureable Response Executions to Use in Magazines....

  • Drive Users to a Website
  • Add a Unique Telephone Number
  • Offer Exclusive Discounts, Vouchers & Special Offers
  • SmartPhone Mobile Action Codes ie QR Codes & Augmented Reality

Offline magazine advertising can also be extended into measureable digital platforms through...

  • Digital Advertising ie display, mobile or tablet
  • Webinars
  • E-newsletters
  • Social Media Advertising

Media owners are also increasingly creating events for their audience where sponsorship opportunities are available for advertisers.

Articles and Opinions on Response Based Magazine Advertising....

- US Magazine Publishing Company - Meredith - Guarantees ROI for Select Advertisers - publisher of titles such as Better Homes & Gardens and Ladies Home Journal—has introduced a product that offers advertisers guaranteed sales for their investment. Participation requires a 12-month advertising commitment in Meredith magazines. If guarantees aren’t met, Meredith will give that advertiser free space until it achieves the agreed ROI.

- The Challenge of Measuring Print Advertising ROI - a comprehensive overview which recognises the challenge magazine publishers experience through their lack of reliable performance based metrics and some new and old methods to connect print to measurable results

- Forbes to Measure Print Advertising by Online Behaviour - Forbes' Chief Brand Officer discusses their development of metrics to measure the impact of advertising in Forbes magazine with accountability to match those in place for digital media

- Growth in Magazine's Use of Mobile Action Codes - highlights results of a survey showing triple digit growth in QR and other mobile action codes appearing within the top 100 US monthly national magazines

- QR Codes - Tips, Ideas and Strategies - a comprehensive guide outlining exactly what QR codes are and how they can generate quick response through print and other media

- Augmented Reality:  What Does it Mean for Print - a step beyond QR codes, this article outlines exactly how augmented reality (AR) works and how such technology is revolutionising the way marketers can advertise to consumers

- 10 Steps to Doubling Print Advertising ROI - find out how advertisers are achieving strong response rates and returns on investment through properly integrating offline and online channels. This guide provides practical tips to increase response rates and maximize returns on investment from print advertisements

Case Studies and Examples of Response Based Magazine Advertising....

- in Heat - Magazine/Site - cross platform campaign using pre and post campaign measurement methodology

- AdMedia Magazine for Fuji Xerox - a cross media campaign through a front cover wrap where readers then entered their unique code into a dedicated website

- NZ Women's Weekly for EECA - a 58-week series of advertorials with a competition device that drove readers to a website to learn more and win monthly prizes with campaign reader surveys appearing throughout the campaign to measure brand awareness.

- Mother & Baby Magazine (UK) for BBC Worldwide - publisher & agency worked together to promote a book writing competition to readers attracting strong results.

- Glamour Magazine Uses QR Code in Print Ad - in September 2011 Glamour Magazine published a 'social edition' with an editorial focus on various social media platforms and new technologies.  They generated over half a million QR code downloads for their supporting advertisers.

- Plug & Play Music Festival Print Ad - Playboy in Brazil teamed up with Skol alcohol to promote a music festival by inserting an audio clip into their front cover

- Digital Buzz Blog - highlights several good examples of magazine advertising combined with smartphone technology for measureable results -

See a growing range of direct response examples appearing in magazines and print on MediaScope's Pinterest board


MediaScope can work with magazine publishers to develop response orientated proposals for advertisers.  Please get in touch to discuss.

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Do you have a case study or views outlining how advertisers have successfully used response based campaigns in magazines? - please get in touch and we'll add to this resource.


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