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What's Next For Media Sales?

With the increasing use programmatic or automated trading, particularly in the digital media space and the obvious need to streamline the media trading process there are moves to separate sales teams - one team to manage automated buys - and the other managing high yield, solution based bespoke packages, often across multiple platforms. What's Next for Media Sales?

Here we offer a range of views dealing with the future media sales team and skills required by ad sales specialists.  Though many of these insights have a digital sales focus, there are increasing moves toward trading automation of other channels such as TV, radio, cinema and outdoor - making these insights relevant for all...

  • Brains Trust: Future of Media Sales - We've asked the MediaScope network 'How do you see media sales developing over the next 5 years and what should media sales specialists do to prepare?' 
  • The Next Generation Media Sales Team - in this highly worthwhile half hour video from a recent US conference, Doug Weaver hosts a panel with Chief Revenue Officers from Clear Channel & Conde Naste where they discuss a range of issues including the changing role of the media sales person through the key question "Am I going to have a job in 5 years - or is technology going to take over?'"
  • Automated Media Trading 101 - (Mumbrella) - “You will have specialist teams within media owners and also specialist teams within media agencies who focus on high yielding, cross platform integration brand building opportunities. The other teams will focus exclusively on building audience at scale, they will have an agreed outcome on a metric.”
  • The Modern Sales Force (Vimeo) - recent talk by Forbes Chief Revenue Officer where sales skills are required to fit 5 profound changes.
  • Media Seller 3.0 (Doug Weaver) - Media Seller 3.0 will eschew the data-driven approach to sales, ditching the PowerPoint and the complex schematics outlining the technology and capabilities.  Instead, at every turn, she will clarify, simplify and distill information based on communication and economic value to the marketer.
  • The Future Publisher's Sales Force (Digiday) - "They will become more sophisticated in addressing clients’ goals, KPIs and pain points. Plenty of media sales reps still sell mostly on jeans parties and happy hours, and they will see their effectiveness diminish over time."
  • The Future of Advertising Sales:  It's All About Integration (HuffPo) - if you want to serve your customers well these days, you need to think in terms of a media neutral ad. Why? Because it's not about siloed media anymore; it's about the integrated use of media. The sooner media salespeople embrace this concept, the sooner their sales will rise.


  • 12 Sales Trends for 2014 (SueBarrett) - "12 Sales Trends to help guide businesses through the major transitions in how we sell and buy. Together they foretell major changes in the way we sell, buy and do business. Today’s business and sales leaders will need to rethink their sales optimisation strategies if they are to thrive in the ever changing political, business, community and environmental landscapes."
  • Most Coveted Digital Marketing Skills for 2014 (OMI) - "Fortune 500 marketing executives identify which digital marketing skills they value the most, and which skills their teams actually possess, highlighting the largest talent gaps, and the most coveted digital marketing skills to have in 2014."
  • The Marketing & Advertising Jobs with the Best Future (Forbes) - “Marketing and advertising has a strong future because the connection between marketing and revenue is finally being recognized.  The job duties vary widely based on the functional area and type of company.”

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