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The Funny Side of Advertising

The advertising and media industry knows how to poke fun at itself.  Here we offer a comprehensive list showing several 'laugh out loud' examples.  Enjoy!

Funny Side of Advertising - Social Media Explained

  • Google Analytics in Real Life - Optimising Your Landing Page - this short, humorous video highlights how an online store may be perceived in real life.
  • Laughing Matters - short video highlighting the differences between working agency to publisher side
  • - Crashvertising – just how far would you go to reach your market? While this is tongue-in-cheek it clearly shows a line not be crossed
  • - The Agency Pronunciation Guide - ever wondered how to pronounce some of the more interesting agency names?  This short Youtube video offers your solution.
  • Truth in Advertising - Tim Hamilton's video first seen at Cannes in 2001 is perhaps the catalyst for many future industry parody videos
  • - BS Detector - this Adobe produced video shows a unique way to stop marketers using those well-worn buzzwords


The Advertising Poem -
A man wakes up after sleeping
under an advertised blanket,
on an advertised mattress,
pulls off advertised pajamas,
bathes in an advertised shower,
shaves with an advertised razor,
brushes his teeth with advertised toothpaste,
washes with advertised soap,
puts on advertised clothes,
drinks a cup of advertised coffee,
drives to work in an advertised car,
and then, refuses to advertise,
believing it doesn’t pay.
Later when business is poor,
he advertises it for sale.
Why is it?


  • - What Happens in Digital Advertising Sales - (via sellingads - tumblr) How do you react when you see an advertiser you've been chasing appear with another publisher?  C'mon - we've all been there.  See the funny side of this and other situations
  •  - The Truth in Ad Sales - (via YouTube) - a parody video for everyone who has ever sold or bought an ad.  Over half a million views for this great clip.
  •  - A Few Good Creative Men (via YouTube) - one of the most famous speeches in movie history shown with a creative twist. Can You Handle The Truth?
  • - Advertiser vs Consumer (via YouTube) - a funny but thoughtful look at the somewhat tenuous and changing relationship between advertisers and consumers
  • - What Happens in Media Planning (via Tumblr) - humorous one liners & images outlining situations familiar to everyone involved in planning, buying & selling.

 Have you got a funny article or video to add to this list?  Get in touch & we'll include it - & dedicate it to you.


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