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Is there anybody out there? – finding advertising sales specialists….

One of the many issues facing media owners today - within all mediums, publisher sizes and structures - is the recruitment and retention of advertising sales specialists. 

With a constantly evolving media and advertising market, economic pressures and the ever fragmenting media landscape, advertising sales specialists – particularly the experienced - offer a sought-after skill set and can increasingly pick and choose from a range of roles, benefits and salaries. Finding Advertising Sales People

Here we offer an overview of sites and networks where media owners can start their search for their advertising sales resource….

Relevant Industry Trade Media Job Boards – offer free jobs listings and can also give you an idea of the benefits and salaries you need to offer in the current market to attract sales people -

General Job BoardsSeek seems to be the most common with others including MyCareer and CareerOne.  Depending on the vertical niche your publication or media is positioned in there may be niche job boards reaching your core market

Use a Recruiter – there are several advertising sales recruitment specialists who will charge a fee and commission for finding suitable candidates for your role

Use Your Network – Ask your staff, contacts and advertisers. Often a referral fee can be a worthwhile incentive.

Promote to Your User Base or Readership - though you may not attract people with specific advertising sales experience you may attract people passionate about your product or niche market.

Social Media - Linkedin now has several services to help businesses search for staff including the promotion of roles in relevant groups and business pages, member status updates and a jobs section

Tools like Jobevite allow you to upload and spread your role over several social media sites and networks.

Train and Upskill Your Current Staff - to attract and retain advertising sales staff ongoing training and skills update can be highly effective in such a competitive, fast moving and evolving media market.

Outsource Your Sales – there are a number of advertising sales representative agencies who offer services for media owners.  Each sales agencies has their own payment structure and set of criteria for the media they choose to represent.

Automated Platforms - Digital media owners can compliment the efforts of their sales team generated revenue by considering the increasing number of automated platforms coming into our market.

To reach commercial goals, even the best advertising sales person needs a good platform to sell which offers advertisers an effective reach against their target market and a well developed advertising sales proposition.


Further Resources

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  • Brains Trust: Future of Media Sales - We've asked the MediaScope network 'How do you see media sales developing over the next 5 years and what should media sales specialists do to prepare?'
  • Media Monetisation - tailored consultancy services for media owners and advertising sales specialists in the development of all segments of media monetisation (advertising and non advertising revenue) and the media sales process.


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