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Competitive Media Analysis

Do you have a full understanding of the competitive media in your market?  Your advertisers will.

Developing a strong understanding of your competitive market can assist both new and existing media owners to -

  •  - determine reach objectives
  •  - understand commercial potential
  •  - set rates and price-point
  •  - develop unique sales proposition in a crowded market
  •  - define advertiser benefits

Remember too - your competitive 'consumer' market may be different from your competitive 'advertising' market.

MediaScope can undertake an analysis of other media in your primary or secondaryCompetitive Media Analysis Service 'advertising' competitive sector.

In such a challenging and fragmenting market all media owners and their advertising sales teams, should develop a strong understanding of their competitive position.

MediaScope can also undertake the competitive analysis for you.  Find out more by getting in touch with MediaScope's founder directly:


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