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MediaScope's Code of Conduct

As a long term and active member of the advertising, media, marketing and publishing industry, MediaScope aims to deliver a high quality of service for our site users, clients and all businesses with which we work and deal with. 

Here we outline the service level standards you can expect when working and corresponding with us -

  • Be Responsive - we will respond to all correspondence and contacts acrossMediaScope's Services Level Agreement all platforms in a timely manner.  We’ll consider all relevant opportunities and civil requests and will reply with an answer - either positive or negative we will respond.
  • Follow Up - we follow-up on each advertising enquiry sent by advertisers to media owners through their listing in the MediaScope directory. This ensures email enquiries have been delivered correctly and both parties get maximum value from their use of MediaScope.
  • Be Polite and Respectful - we will deal with everyone in a friendly and polite manner – and be respectful of people’s valuable time.
  • Give and Expect Value - to the best of our ability and resources we will provide reciprocal value for the services, products and promotion we receive - either through financial or other kinds of support.
  • Source and Attribute Content - where we link or publish content from other parties - on any platform - we will attribute this content to the author or publisher. 
  • Press Release Distributed Content - we'll identify the source of any published press release distributed content.
  • If We Say We’ll Do Something – We’ll Do It - If we say we’ll offer a product or service we’ll deliver.  In a fast moving business environment plans and circumstances can change – if this happens we will clearly explain our position and outline the reasons we can no longer fulfill our agreement.
  • Keep Innovating – Understand Our Market - we aim to continually evolve our products and services and understand and meet the changing needs of our markets.
  • Be Transparent and Honest - we’ll honestly and transparently communicate our market position and the products and services we offer.
  • Non-Discriminatory - we will not discriminate on any issues - particularly surrounding a person's gender or age.
  • Spell and Grammar Check! - we will spell and grammar check all content and correspondence which is presented to our audience - but we’re not perfect so please forgive us if something slips through now and then!

Overall – we strive to deliver a high standard of service and perform with integrity and respect with all individuals and businesses in our market. 

If you have any comments or feedback regarding this code of conduct and the service standard we provide please contact MediaScope’s founder directly:


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