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Clever & Emerging Advertising Examples to Inspire

We regularly highlight the most interesting creative examples in MediaScope's newsletter.  Scroll down for the most clicked on examples of clever and emerging creative goodness.... 

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  • - Adidas NEO Window Shopping - this short YouTube video offers what could be a brief glimpse into our future of interactivity, convergence, purchase & ofcoarse -  measurability.

  • - 30 Creative Billboards (via BoredPanda) - more inspiration with a couple of slightly 'blue' examples.  The Macca's sundial is brilliant.
  • - Reinventing the Billboard (via Inc) - this Chicago based start-up offers an interactive, cross-platform & measureable opportunity which is attracting big-brand advertisers.
  • - Augmented Reality Cinema (via Digital Buzz) - The Paddle Pop Lion holds an in-cinema duel.  A glimpse into future innovation of this media channel.
  • - The Guardian - The Ad That Can Tell Who You Are.  Minority Report here we come.
  • - Digital Buzz - Volkswagon Augmented Reality Ads. Great example of mixing traditional advertising with emerging media technology
  • - Bored Panda - 20 Clever Guerilla Ads. A quick hit of inspiration to help advertising buyers & sellers drive the creative process.
  • - LA Times  - Advertisers start using facial recognition to tailor pitches. Coming to a store near you soon - but likely with some privacy hurdles to jump.
  • - Mashable - 10 Brilliant Interactive Billboards.  Grab consumer attention through this fast emerging advertising platform.
  • - Frukt Comms - Plug & Play Print Ads. Turn a humble print ad into a radio ad
  • - Fresh Green Ads - This Dutch media vendor offers a range of ad options using natural elements - rain, crops, sand & waterdrops.  Worth a quick look for a hit of inspiration.

  • -      New Scientist - In-car Projection for Drive-By Advertising. Straight from the 'advertising is everywhere' file.

  • Bored Panda - 33+ Cool & Clever Ambient Ad Examples - clever, humorous & insipration for buyers/sellers & marketers to influence the creative execution

  • - Gizmodo - Would You Let Someone Advertise on Your House to Pay For Your Mortgage? - as one person in the comment stream says 'hell yes' but ensure you do your homework

  • - Buffalo News - Advertising in county jail - an example of ads going too far or a captive audience?

  • - - 10 Eye-Catching Ambient Ad Examples - always a good time for a quick ambient ad break

  • The Consumerist - Plates on Benches Leave Ad Imprints on Skin! - certainly innovative and clever - worth a look

  • - Crashvertising – just how far would you go to reach your market? While this is tongue-in-cheek it clearly shows a line not be crossed
  • - Wall Street Journal - Billboards go Interactive with WiFi - see what marketers are doing with one of the world's oldest forms of advertising

  • - AdShel Mobile Case Study - Coles at Dee Why connected the outdoor and retail environment through a special offer downloaded by mobile and redeemed in store  - targeted and effective.

Do you have a creative advertising example to add to this list?  Please get in touch


Further Resources

  • Digital Buzz - popular blog highlighting cutting edge digital creative executions


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