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Audience Survey Service

 Have You Surveyed Your Audience Lately?

Qualitative audience survey results and insights are an excellent sales tool for your team to present to advertisers and are increasingly required by agencies and marketers when deciding where to spend their ad dollars.

They should be considered an important part of your overall sales strategy. 

Audience survey results can offer several features including -

  •  - complementing quantitative audience measurement statistics
  •  - support for your key selling points
  •  - definition of primary and secondary advertising markets
  •  - uncovering new potential advertising markets & revenue streams
  •  - allows advertisers to target segments of your broader audience

MediaScope can help you structure and design an audience survey which offers key insights and behaviourial data.  We'll then interpret survey results, add to a presentation for advertisers and incorporate into your sales collatoral.

We can also discuss your needs and connect you with several further services which can help with audience segmentation and data.

Please get in touch with MediaScope's founder directly for further details...


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