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Tips for New, Niche & Independent Media Owners

Are you a start-up, new or independent media owner planning to support your business through advertising revenue?

Generating advertising revenue is increasingly challenging as the media market continues to go through vast changes, predominately brought about by digital technology, where all publishers – from the large established media companies to nimble start-ups - are considering and adapting their business models to meet new commercial realities.

As a start-up or independent media owner here’s 7 things you should consider when developing your commercial and advertising revenue plans -

- Best Practice – this is important.  When relying advertising revenue, media owners should be prepared to adopt a best practice approach across all aspects of their sales process including the accurate and transparent communication of audience statistics and insights.  This is not only necessary in an increasingly challenging advertising market, it can also be a strong point of difference in your competitive market.

- Understand Advertiser's Broader Marketing Choices – agencies and marketers now have more choice than ever to reach their market, particularly through social media platforms, search engine optimisation and low risk advertising options such as pay per click marketing through Google.  Develop an understanding of these choices and how your advertising option can offer additional value and return on investment (ROI).

- Understand Your Competitive Market – by analysing other media options in your market you can develop an understanding of your competitive market position and the choices advertisers have to reach their audiences

- Your Advertising Stakeholder Market - even though your media platform may have a unique position from a consumer or audience point of view your advertisers represent is a different stakeholder market with completely different needs.  Are you recognising advertisers as a different stakeholder market and communicating correctly to them?

- Diversify Revenue Streams – developing, managing, optimising and evolving multi-tier revenue streams, both within advertising and beyond advertising, is increasingly important for publishers of all sizes.

- Advertising Sales Representation – you may have a good story to tell advertisers but you also need a good 'storyteller'. There are a range of options available to media owners including developing your own in-house sales resource (preferred), outsourcing all or some of your sales and using the increasing amount of automated platforms coming into our market - particularly for digital media.

- Stay Up-to-Date & Get Involved - in such a fast changing media and advertising market you should be prepared to develop an ongoing interest and understanding of these changes and keep up to date with market forecasts and forward trends.

To achieve success in the increasingly volatile and evolving advertising market media owners and their sales staff should - as a priority - actively develop all aspects of their advertising sales proposition combined with a pro-active, responsive and best practice sales approach.

Even with all of this in place your media product should deliver effective reach within your competitive market and meet the ongoing and changing needs of both consumers and advertisers.

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