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10 Advertising Sales Tips

Key Tips for Managing and Increasing Advertising Sales Revenue

Advertisers and marketers now have more choice than ever before to reach their audiences through an increasingly evolving and fragmenting media landscape and through newer options such as social media.  There is also increasing emphasis on return on investment (ROI) and response as advertisers look for accountability on their media spend. Key to Advertising Revenue

In this environment attracting advertising revenue is becoming increasingly difficult – even large mainstream publishers whose business models were previously reliant on advertising dollars are diversifying into areas such as transactional, retail revenue and paid content.

This certainly presents challenges to smaller, niche and independent publishers but also many opportunities. 

Here’s a range of tips and tactics to increase advertising revenue -

1 – Your Customer Service and Processes – how are you managing your advertising sales internally?  Do you have strong processes and procedures in place to ensure a responsive, consistent and highly professional service is being delivered to your potential client base and advertisers?

2 – Advertise With Us Page and Sales Collateral – make it easy for potential advertisers to reach you through your site - and all other touchpoints - and create and maintain an effective, up-to-date and compelling media kit.

3 – Communicate To Your Advertisers – position your advertisers as a vital stakeholder market who are in the same league as your consumers. Just as you communicate to your consumers through newsletter, social media or some other form of regular communication - how are you keeping your advertisers updated on your progress, initiatives and plans?

4 – Your Market/Audience – develop a deeper understanding of your audience. What qualitative information are you gathering from your consumer or user base on an ongoing basis and how are you utilising these insights for your advertisers?

5 – Protect Your Revenue Streams - develop a well thought out plan regarding the amount of press release generated content and free promotion you publish. Why would a business pay to advertise with you when they can appear for free in an editorial environment?  

6 – Accountability – ensure you are reporting up to date audience data, or quantitative statistics transparently and accurately.

7 – Don’t Discount – while advertising buyers are often required to secure a deal this doesn’t always have to mean a discount - cost is not the only buying trigger.  Have you structured your rates and advertising offer so you can provide advertisers a 'value add' component which does not mean discounting and devaluing your media brand?

8 – Your Competitive Market and Your Position In It – do you have a strong understanding of your competitive market and your place in it – your advertisers will!  Are you promoting your 'unique selling points' (USPs) effectively and can you counter your potential advertiser's objections based on your well developed competitive knowledge?

9 – Continually Educate Yourself – the advertising, media and publishing market is now evolving at a pace never before realised.  We are currently experiencing an evolution likened to Gutenberg's invention of the printing press.  Your media business will benefit through development of your advertising market knowledge.  

10 – And Finally – RUN, RIGHT NOW - to every possible opportunity to reach potential advertising buyers.  In the least your details should be listed in all relevant advertising and business directories – including MediaScope.


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