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Advertising Sales Representation & Agencies

Are you a media owner looking to outsource all or part of your advertising sales to an advertising sales agency or representation network?

Advertising sales agencies are an option for some media owners whose core expertise is not advertising sales, are looking for interstate representation or do not want to employ a dedicated sales resource.Advertising Sales Agencies

Digital or online media owners can also outsource a part of their inventory to work along side their own in-house sales team - or generate incremental revenue where advertising is not their core business. There are an increasing number of automated trading platforms coming into our market which digital media owners should be aware of.  See further information here.

Sales agencies and networks will represent your media brand or inventory to advertising media buying agencies, direct marketers and small-to-medium business. 

Each advertising sales agency will have its own criteria for the media brands they choose to represent based on the potential they see to earn revenue. This includes -

  • - Media channel and publishing platform
  • - Reach to target market, traffic and audience statistics
  • - Your media brands market genre/vertical and competitive positioning
  • - Advertising rate base
  • - Media owners current advertising sales structure and expertise

Advertising sales representation agencies attract many enquiries from a broad range of media owners - particularly as the advertising market continues to tighten and consolidate.  Media owners should have realistic expectations about their market position in an increasingly challenging advertising market.

If you would further information on outsourcing your advertising sales to a representation agency see the below resources.  You can also contact MediaScope's founder directly to speak about revenue opportunities specifically for your media platform (a small charge will apply and includes an upgraded listing in MediaScope's advertising directory):

Further Resources -

  • Advertising Sales Centre - practical tips & information for media owners to develop & grow their advertising sales revenue
  • Tailored Services - a broad range of services to help media owners develop all segments of their sales and revenue strategy


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