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Advertising and Media Sales Centre

Welcome to our growing resource for media owners and advertising sales specialists where you'll find information, guides, trends and practical tips to develop advertising sales skills and tactics.....

  • Tailored Services - MediaScope offers a range of services for media owners and advertising sales specialists involving all segments of the media sales process - more information here

- Advertising Sales Representation & Agencies - are you a media owner looking toMediaScope - Advertising Sales Centre outsource all or part of your advertising sales?

- What's Next for Media Sales? - as media trading becomes increasingly automated we offer an overview of the skills needed for the media sales person of the future.

- Maximise Revenue by Developing a Multi-Tier Monetisation Mix - it is becoming increasingly possible for digital media owners - of all sizes - to apply multiple revenue streams to various online platforms

- Brains Trust: Future of Media Sales - We've asked the MediaScope network 'How do you see media sales developing over the next 5 years and what should media sales specialists do to prepare?'

- Tips for New, Niche & Independent Media Owners - information to consider and apply if your new media business depends on attracting advertising sales revenue

- The Ups and Downs of Publishing's Transition to Digital - a useful overview including articles and resources on magazine and print media's evolution to digital platforms.

- Clever & Emerging Advertising Examples to Inspire - creative goodness to inspire media buyers and sellers to drive the creative process

- All About EMMA and Roy - quick facts, articles and opinion to bring you up to date on the introduction of new print and magazine measurement platform - EMMA

- Is There Anybody Out There? - Finding Advertising Sales People - a practical guide to help media owners find advertising sales people in an increasingly competitive market

- Advertising Sales Tips From Media Owners - tips and insights on working with advertisers from many of Australia's most successful independent and niche media owners.

- 7 Questions All Advertisers Should Ask - and Media Should be Prepared to Answer - insights into the information media owners should have on hand to meet advertisers needs

- Prospecting for New Advertising Sales Leads - There are several free and paid methods which can be utilised to source or prospect for new business leads and grow your client base.

- 10 Advertising Sales Tips - 10 practical solutions to consider for managing and generating advertising revenue for media owners of all sizes and channels

- Advertising Sales Tool Kit - an overview of various elements required by sales specialists as they are out in market dealing with advertisers

- A Consultative Approach to Advertising Sales - moving to a more strategic level of sales with one or more of your clients can have a significant impact on your revenue

- Niche on Niche - The Australian media market is incredibly deep and diverse, way beyond the more visible and awarded mainstream media brands.  See a range of quirky niche media brands which are meeting the needs of their consumer and business audiences.

- Tips to Promote Your Media Brand to the Advertising Market - practical tips which media owners can apply to promote their brand to the advertising market

- Must Follow Twitter Accounts - evolving guide highlighting twitter accounts to follow in the media, marketing, publishing and advertising industry - both in Australia and overseas

- 9 Totally Weird Places to Advertise - inspiration to push 'beyond the mainstream' through these weird and wonderful advertising placements.

- Topical & Tactical Advertising - this form of advertising is an opportunity to create brand impact and response for the client and additional revenue for media.

- Guide to Digital Sales Agencies, Networks & Exchanges  - an overview of the Australian market for buyers and sellers to keep track of this fast evolving landscape (updated monthly)

- Guide To Your Website Statistics - what website statistics should - and shouldn't you - be quoting to advertising buyers?  Our Guide will help.

- Your Advertising Media Kit - Hit or Miss? - we share our top tips on producing the best media kit to promote to advertising buyers

- Hot Tips for Cold Calling - do you see cold calling as a necessary evil or an effective revenue building tactic?  Our hot tips will help get you on track

- Stand Out in Your Competitive Market - tips for niche and independent media owners to help level the playing field in a crowded and competitive market

- Generating & Measuring Response Through Magazine Advertising - we look at how a traditionally brand based medium can meet the needs of todays marketers by showing measureable results

- Competitive Market Analysis - develop your market advantage through a strong understanding of the competitive market you operate in

- Advertising & Media Sales Techniques - guide to the best information, articles, tips & trends for media owners and advertising sales people to achieve success in sales

- Advertising Buyer & Seller Survey Results - in mid 2011 MediaScope and Talking Media Sales joined forces to ask advertising buyers and sellers about their daily challenges.  We attracted some interesting results

- 8 Tips To Make Your MediaScope Listing Work For You - do you have a directory listing with MediaScope? Attract our growing audience of agency buyers, direct marketers and small to medium business owners.

- Over 100 Q&A Profiles - with media owners and the most experienced and well-known professionals in Australia's digital media market

- Guide to the Best Advertising Trade Magazines & Sites - stay up to date and informed on advertising, marketing, sales, media opinion and news in the Australian market

- Advertising Terms and Definitions - glossary of terms used when buying and selling advertising across a growing range of media channels

- Get Ready for 2013's Perfect Storm - tips for media owners to prepare for a challenging year ahead in an evolving advertising and publishing market

- Find Your Edge in 2013 - selected products and services to help digital media owners develop their commercial and advertising sales strategies in the year ahead

- How to Make Money on the Internet - comprehensive infographic produced by US magazine - Fast Company - outlining various online revenue models.

- Digiday's Confession Series - overview of series where people working within various segments of the digital advertising and media sector give their anonymous and brutally honest insights.  Compelling.


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