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Thought Leadership

MediaScope's founder - Denise Shrivell - takes the position of industry independence seriously and therefore champions and advocates for a range of industry issues including...

  • NBN - Australia's National Broadband Network, substandard internet connectivity and its impact on our industry
  • Women in Media - Peggy's List and more
  • Ethical Advertising - Podcast with the Founder of UK's Stop Funding Hate and more
  • State of the Media - issues within the media trading process
  • Media Ownership - Australia has one of the most concentrated media ownership landscapes in the world.  (in the top 5 with China, Chile and Egypt)
  • Industry Skills Shortages
  • Newsagency Magazine Distribution Process - you will never walk into a newsagency in the same way again. 

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National Broadband Network Open LetterNBN - Australia's National Broadband Network

  • Live Video Chat: The NBN: April 1, 2016 - Senator Scott Ludlam, ADMA's Jodie Sangster, Adtech Sydney Chair Iain McDonald joins the panel today to talk about the NBN and the impact on the Australian marketing, media and advertising industry. Please excuse some technical issues in sound - & I disappear half way through.  A perfect example of our bad internet connectivity. See a transcript of the full 55 minute chat here


Peggy's ListWomen in Media

  • Women in Media Support Hub - a useful overview (& a MediaScope) recognising many of the initiatives supporting women in the marketing, advertising and media industry
  • Peggy's List - highlights over 220 women who are available to speak at industry events


Ethical Advertising

Stop Funding Hate - MediaScope LIVE PodcastStop Funding Hate & Fake News: March 10 2017 - Media academic from UTS - Jenna Price - and Founder of UK initiative - Stop Funding Hate - speaks about the increase in divisive editorial content and the actions marketers are taking around the globe to remove their support of this content. We also spoke about the success of Stop Funding Hate, the differences in free speech & hate speech - the importance of supporting good journalism - & how this should not only include consumers but also extend to advertisers.  Listen to the replay &/or download here

Relevant Articles:


State of the Media - issues within the media trading process

  • This timeline highlights the articles and discussions which have been openly in the industry forum since at least early 2012 through to the 'furore' surrounding MediaCom and the joint investigation into media practice by the MFA/AANA, the ANA Report of June 2016, through to the AANA's response published in October 2016 to Marc Pritchard's IAB speech in January 2017 and now to the AANA's Inconvenient Truth opinion piece in March 2017 (close to 5 Years since these issues were first highlighted).


ACMA Australian Media OwnershipMedia Ownership

  • Australia has one of the most concentrated media ownership landscapes in the world.  (in the top 5 with China, Chile and Egypt)
  • media ownership MediaScape - including a time line of articles, facts and views on the Australian media ownership landscape and media ownership reform


 Industry Skills Shortages


Magazine Distribution ProcessMagazine Newsagency Distribution Process 

  • Newsagents are unable to choose either the titles or the number of magazines they receive but must pre-pay the distributor. Supermarkets, however are able to choose both the titles and magazine numbers.


Further Resources...

  • MediaScapes - well-known guides mapping the entire Australian commercial media landscape - including digital media, television, outdoor and mobile billboard media, media agencies & more.  MediaScapes appear on office walls throughout the industry!


  • Newsletter - stay up to date on media industry news and opinion by joining over 2,700 media trading 'influentials' who receive MediaScope's newsletter each Friday.

  • What's On - we keep track of the most worthwhile media industry events, surveys, training courses and awards