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Advertising Centre

Marketers, agencies, media owners and advertising sales professionals can access a growing range of resources, services, tips, profiles & guides through MediaScope's growing advertising centre.....

- Advertising Buying Centre - comprehensive resource for agency planners, buyers, direct marketers and small to medium business with information, guides, profiles and practical tips including a multi channel media buying guide

- Advertising Sales Centre - comprehensive resource for media owners and advertising sales MediaScope - Advertising Centrespecialists with articles, guides, profiles and practical tips

- Tailored Services - MediaScope offers a range of well-regarded tailored services for marketers and media agencies - and media owners and advertising specialists addressing all segments of the advertising sales process.  Full outline of services here

- MediaScope MarketPlace - a growing range of selected products and services to help streamline and improve the media trading process

 - Over 120 Q&A Media Profiles - opinions and market views from a range of independent media owners, over 100 of the most experienced and well-known professionals in Australia's digital media market - and introducing 'Women in Media'.

- Media View - a growing range of opinion articles on advertising, media and publishing

- MediaScape Guides - well-known visual overviews helping media buyers navigate a growing range of Australian media channels including digital media, cinema, television, outdoor and mobile billboard media, digital media expenditure - & more!

- 2013 Year in Review - we highlight some of the most significant events and interesting moments throughout 2013 in both overseas and the local Australian market

- Advertising and Media Industry 2013 Awards Wrap - comprehensive guide to industry awards, and key award winners, throughout 2013.

- Aust's Ethnic & Multicultural Market - short video overview of this market segment which is often ignored by advertisers.

- Media Planning Service - use MediaScope's vast market knowledge to quickly identify and contact new and deep niche advertising options to reach your market

- Advertising Planning and Buying Guides - practical tips and information on planning and buying advertising within a growing range of media channels

- Advertising Terms and Definitions - a comprehensive glossary used to trade advertising across a growing range of media channels

- Best Advertising Books - browse & buy our pick of the best books on advertising, sales & marketing

- Digiday's Confession Series - overview of series where people working within various segments of the advertising and media sector give their anonymous and brutally honest insights.  Compelling.

- The Funny Side of Advertising - a list of articles and videos showing the advertising industry does have a sense of humour about itself.



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