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Advertising Buying Guide - Ethnic & Multicultural Media

Practical advertising buying information and tips for direct marketers and small to medium business on ethnic and multicultural media....

Guide Contributor:  Allan Kaufman from ethnic media sales representation agency -  Leba Media. See their listing with MediaScope

Ethnic & Multicultural Advertising - Overview

The Ethnic media market in Australia is a vibrant, dynamic sector consisting mainly of Press. With over 300 titles on offer, virtually every community is covered.

Press - offerings range from broadsheet dailies down to monthly magazines.

Radio - the next most prolific medium, with over 20 key radio stations around the country. Most radio stations are multilingual, such as SBS catering for over 60 different languages. Most radio offers "destination listening" where by the audience tune in at a certain time on a certain day to hear their program. Since over 95% of the Ethnic population resides in the main metropolitan areas it is quite simple and cost effective to reach them.

Television - features next with SBS, Channel 31 and Pay TV services covering some of the communities.

Internet - offers over 60 websites specifically dedicated to the Australian multicultural market. This is the fastest growing sector with many traditional media operators extending their offerings online. It is offering some Press operators the ability to add radio and TV online where in the past the cost of broadcasting was prohibitive.

Ethnic & Multicultural Advertising - Media Owner Overview

The typical multicultural media owner is primarily a journalist passionate about their community. They understand that their medium is the conduit between fellow community members, their homeland and Australia. Many of the organisations are relatively small with less than 10 staff. The work and dedication of these people is incredible, with staff often working around the clock to meet their deadlines.

Ethnic & Multicultural Advertising - BenefitsEthnic & Multicultural Advertising Image

The key benefit is reaching deep into the target community. Many of these communities do not have a need to consume mainstream media at all. Take the Chinese market for instance. They have 80 newspapers, 5 dailies, Real estate publications, Automotive publications, 24 hr radio, a multitude of online websites and Pay TV. They could happily get by without knowing a word of English. So the best way to reach them is to use their own media, in their own language. Advertising in the Ethnic media facilitates engagement and empathy with its readers. It is cost effective, as the Press is read cover to cover, and the radio is intently and regularly listened to.

Translations for advertisements can be arranged at the point of booking.

Ethnic and Multicultural Media - Forecast

There is no sign of press dying off, infact the number of titles is increasing at a rapid rate. TV and radio appear to be stable and the internet is developing in sophistication and offering day by day. For example a leading Arabic newspaper has developed a website in English with radio and TV embedded to reach the younger demographic.


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