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Advertising Buying Guide - Cinema

Practical information and tips for direct marketers and small to medium business on cinema advertising.... 

Quick Facts

Guide Contributor:  David Krynauw from local cinema advertising representation agency - Cinevation.  See their listing with MediaScope

Cinema Advertising - Overview

Cinema advertising is a dynamic medium offering advertisers the opportunity to reach their target consumers in a distraction-free compelling environment. Advertisers showcase their brands in an entertainment backdrop and access the star power that drives consumers to our cinemas.

Through cinema your commercial is shown on a screen that is 1,000 times bigger than a television set, to a captive audience with outstanding sound quality. There is no other medium that compares to us when it comes to IMPACT.

The cinema industry offers an enormous bank of information available through Screen Australia

Cinema Advertising - Industry Body

The Screen Advertising World Association (SAWA) is the global trade body of Screen Advertising Companies and Associated Companies that have relationships with and supply services to the Screen Advertising Industry.

The aims of SAWA are to develop international standards and practices for Screen Advertising and to improve communication between Screen Advertising Companies around the world to facilitate the easier buying of the cinema medium for Advertisers

Cinema Advertising - Audience Overview

Specifically, cinemagoers are typically younger than the population with generally half of the visits made by people in the key 14 to 34 demographic. Cinema going has increased against all age groups in the last few years, with the most dramatic growth seen amongst the over 25’s. Movie’s remakes made in the last 10 years have attracted an older age group and brought more people back to the movies. Approximately ¾ of a typical cinema audience are frequent cinemagoers, which go to the movies on average at least once every 4 weeks.

The cinema audience in a nutshell is attractive (affluent and young), the audience is captive, recall rates are much higher than other display media and the overall impact of the screen itself is very significant. Thus, the medium has the same virtues as television (sight, sound, colour, action) but additionally enjoys the big screen environment.

Cinema Advertising - Key Media Terminology

Terminology in cinema relates to the business of movies generally, but when it comes to understanding how to buy cinema, the most important terms to e familiar with include:

  • Cinema complex, which is a place where a one or more movies are shown to the public on a big screen.
  • Cinema screen, which is one of the cinema auditoria where people congregate to watch a movie.
  • Screenings refer to each time when a movie or commercial is shown to an audience.
  • Admissions refer to the number of people who saw a movie or performance.
  • Exhibitor is a cinema owner e.g. Hoyts, Village, etc.
  • Distributor refers to the studio who owns or distributes the movie e.g. Universal, Paramount, Warner Brothers, Disney, etc.

Cinema Advertising - BenefitsCinema Advertising Image

Key benefits of cinema advertising for advertisers include:

-Impact: Advertisers benefit from the all-involving, escapist environment that cinema delivers. The commercials are delivered on a huge screen with outstanding digital sound delivering maximum impact to the audience.

-Captive Audience delivers High Recall: Cinema’s captive audience is more engaged in your advertising message. No distractions or remote controls means they will understand and recall more details about your commercial for far longer than those who see it on any other medium. When shown the same advertisement, moviegoers are 44% more likely to remember seeing an ad than TV viewers.

-Ideal Environment: Cinemagoers have planned the event and are in a positive mind-set geared towards entertainment. The association with first-run movies, together with the premium look and feel of the big screen environment rubs off on the advertising, leading to improved brand perceptions.

-Quality Audiences: Cinema delivers young, affluent, educated consumers. They tend to be early adopters and trendsetters and they are watching your commercial with their partners, friends and family.

-Target Local Audience: On the local level, cinema advertising provides targeted and affordable branding. We geographically reach consumers that live where our advertisers do business to deliver cost effective advertising that drives awareness and generates revenue opportunities.

Cinema Advertising - Campaign Results

Upon completion of a campaign advertisers are provided with a range of statistics as they relate to the screenings they received. These include the number of screenings, which cinemas and screens they were on, which movies they were with, and an approximate figure of the number of people who had the opportunity to see their commercial.

Post-campaign exit interviews are also available to advertisers.

Cinema Advertising - Forecast

Recently available 3D enhancements to existing 2D commercials allows advertisers to capitalise on Australia's 3D cinema boom and provide a unique and compelling audience experience. 3D-enhanced cinema commercials can be adapted to feature elements such as 3D logos, pack shots, still imagery and 3D-enhanced computer-generated content.

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