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Advertising Buying Guide - Ambient Media

Practical advertising buying information and tips for agencies, direct marketers and small to medium business on ambient media....

Guide Contributor:  Emmanuel Kastanias from NapkinAd

Ambient Media - Overview

Ambient media describes advertising options that fit around the everyday lifestyle of consumers. Ambient media targets customers during their normal everyday routine, and by doing so gets an advertising message in front of a customer in a relaxed state of mind.

Ambient media allows you to be very specific with who you want to target and even at what time of day.  Ambient media has grown substantially over the past 10 years with traditional mainstream media becoming saturated and less effective.

Ambient Media - Benefits

By offering very niche opportunities, ambient can be a far more direct means of targeting a key demographic (rather then traditional blanket advertising which can be very much hit or miss). It is also usually cheaper then traditional forms, and its uniqueness makes your advertising more memorable.

Ambient Media - Terminology

Ambient is considered “out of home” media.  This is simply media that is consumed external to a customers home (unlike TV, Print & Internet Advertising).

Ambient Media - Measurement & Campaign Results

By being quite specific and niche, you can target (almost repetitively) a regular, specific customer.  It can therefore be a good means of split testing products (see which ones customers prefer/respond to).  Also if you have a handled product (i.e. napkin, coffee cup, shopping trolly) that customers are in possession of  for an extended period of then you can place specific offers to assess specific ROI of the media.

As with all media, if the goal is branding and web visits, then assessment of online traffic during the course of the campaign is a good way of assessing benefits.  If it is direct sales, using coupon codes, specific phone numbers, a “how did you hear about us” question on your checkout, and training staff to ask potential customers how they came to purchase from their business. 

As with all advertising, you need a proper sales plan – the advertising will get customers call, but you/your staff/ website need to ready to service customers questions and take them through the buying process – nothing worse then a bad sales person.

Ambient Media - The Traps

Accountability.  Ask for measures that confirms a certain amount of product went out, and that they were evenly distributed.

Ambient Media - Forecast

Ambient will always evolve with our lifestyles – as our reliance on traditional media falls, ambient advertising will fill the space and help advertising find specific, relevant customers.

Ambient Media - First Steps For Advertisers

Contact the supplier and ask questions! Usually most companies will have a media kit you can look through with more information.  Ambient advertising may just be the most cost effective means of getting a lot of people aware of your business.


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