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'MediaScapes' are well known guides - exclusively produced by MediaScope - as visual roadmaps to the entire Australian commercial media and advertising landscape. They are updated in real-time in line with market changes.  

MediaScapes are handed out at events, appear in presentations and on office walls throughout the industry - and were published in the PricewaterhouseCoopers 2015 Entertainment & Media Outlook Report as a complement to each of their analysed media channels.

MediaScapes - Maps of the Australian Media Landscape

New MediaScapes are continually created based on the evolving Australian media market.  We can also create MediaScape's upon request for your specific market sector. 

Get in touch for further details, to share your feedback on the MediaScapes - or for individual PDF copies & please subscribe to MediaScope's newsletter as updates to each MediaScape is promoted.  

The full deck of updated MediaScapes is made available to MediaScope's Partners each month - see details here.

All businesses appearing in the MediaScapes have an on-the-ground presence in the Australian market.

Scroll down to access and view 19 MediaScapes representing all channels in the Australian media landscape...

Australian Mainstream Media MediaScape


Australia's Mainstream Media Market - with increasing speculation surrounding media ownership rules we keep track of this changing market


Australian digital MediaScape


Digital Media Trading Market  - well known overview which keeps track of the fast evolving Australian digital media trading landscape (updated to the MediaScope site at least once a month - subscribe to MediaScope's newsletter for updates)




Australian Programmatic Workflow MediaScape


Programmatic Workflow - visual map showing the 'flow' of programmatically served impression between consumer, media, agency and marketer.  




The programmatic workflow MediaScape is sponsored by:

programmatic workflow MediaScape - Rocket FuelRocket Fuel - a leading programmatic marketing platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to provide unparalleled return on ad spend.  Over 1500 of the world's leading brands work with The Rocket Fuel Digital Marketing Hub(™) connecting DMP and DSP capabilities for a holistic programmatic approach to power campaigns across every digital medium - display, mobile, video and social media.


MediaScape - Mobile Media Landscape


Mobile Digital Media & Advertising - map highlighting vendors in the fast growing mobile media landscape



Australian digital women's MediaScape


Women's Digital MediaScape map of the increasingly competitive Australian digital women's media landscape

Also see the Men's Digital MediaScape


Australian TV MediaScape


TV Media & Advertising - overview of the commercial segment of this traditional but fast changing media landscape


Australian Radio MediaScape


Radio Media & Advertising - visual overview of radio media landscape Australia wide (commissioned by The Media Federation of Australia)


Australian Press MediaScape


Press Media & Advertising - overview of newspaper publishers Australia-wide (commissioned by The Media Federation of Australia)


Australian Magazine MediaScape


Magazine Media & Advertising - overview of magazine publishers Australia-wide (commissioned by The Media Federation of Australia)


Australian Magazine Supply Model MediaScape


Magazine Supply Workflow MediaScape - the interesting story of magazine over-supply in the Australian market


Australian Outdoor MediaScape


Outdoor & Mobile Billboard Media - comprehensive overview of this sector including aerial, scooter & taxi advertising options


Australian Outdoor by Location MediaScape


Outdoor Media & Billboards By Location - comprehensive guide to advertising options by venues such as shopping centre, carparks, petrol station, airports - & more


Australian Cinema MediaScape


Cinema Media & Advertising - overview of cinema advertising options Australia-wide - including a cinema buying guide with practical information on buying media in this channel


Australian Industry Organisations MediaScape


Industry Organisations & Audience Measurement - handy overview of Australian industry associations representing all media channels & audience measurement platforms


Australian Major Media Agency MediaScape


Media Agencies by Holding Company - in the Australian market


Australian Independent Media Agency MediaScape


Major Independent Media Agencies - visual guide to Australia's largest independently operated media agencies


Australian Major Creative Agency MediaScape


Creative Agencies - maps of agencies in the Australian market - both within major holding companies and independent





MediaScape - content marketing landscape


Content Marketing - a new MediaScape tracking this fast moving and increasingly important sector



MediaScape - Training & Recruitment


Training & Recruitment Landscape - an overview of businesses, organisations, universities and colleges with initiatives addressing this key industry challenge



Australian Trade Media MediaScape


Best Advertising Magazines & Sites - stay up to date and informed on advertising, marketing, sales, media opinion and news in the Australian market





MediaScape - TrinityP3 Expertise


TrinityP3 Expertise - This MediaScape has been produced specifically for the leading Strategic Marketing Management Consultants in APAC - TrinityP3 - to highlight their industry tech expertise across major companies 


PriceWaterHouseCoopers Media & Entertainment Outlook ReportPwC's 14th Annual 2015 Entertainment & Media Outlook is now available!


The Outlook Report contains commentary, five year historical & forecast revenues for 11 key Media segments including television, internet, outdoor, radio, publishing & more. This year's edition throws a spotlight on "Innovation in Australia" & includes perspectives from industry leaders. The MediaScapes also appear in the Outlook Report as a complement to each Media segment. 


See details & access the full 2015 Outlook Report


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