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Advertising Category - ---- Small-Med Enterprise (SME's)

AussieWeb is a directory of Australian businesses, which allows users to search over 1.2 Million Australian Businesses

Australian Businesswomen's Network

Online community & events aimed at Australian businesswomen.

Business Chicks & Latte Magazine

Magazine & Events for business women & small business owners

Clever Mamma

An online directory connecting Australian mums in business, specialising in business services.

A resource that provides small business owners and entrepreneurs with small business support.

Family Business Magazine

Official Magazine for Family Business Australia - the peak body for family and private business in Australia.

Flying Solo is Australia's solo and micro business community with 60,000+ members, busy discussion forums, directory, events and social networks.
Need to connect to small business owners? Let Hotfrog Data Services help deliver your messages to SME's via our highly targeted eDM and DM list rental service. is Australia’s leading B2B industry supplier directory and information resource. It delivers trusted content, up-to-date industry news and an online marketplace of suppliers.
Free subscription service that emails 'call outs' (which are like requests) for sources/experts from journalists and bloggers. Helps businesses get publicity and journalists find sources.