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Advertising Category - - Hobbies, Crafts & Special Interest

Aviation Trader is a highly regarded monthly marketing publication carrying corporate and private advertising for aircraft and aviation equipment and services. ‘The Trader’ is circulated in hard copy form throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Industry Association Publishers Aust.
Audited By ABA Website


Web and news site for anime film enthusiasts

Artists Palette Magazine

Reach aspiring and accomplished artists

Artwear Publications

Reach craft lovers through Yarn, Felt and Embellish Magazines


Online womens lifestyle & astrology

Aust Bear Creations Magazine

Reach craft and bear enthusiasts.

Aust Bird Keeper Publications

Magazine and resources for Australian birdkeeper enthusiasts

Aust Ceramics & Pottery Magazine

Target an Australian ceramics, glasswork and pottery

Aust Dolls, Bears & Collectors Magazine

Reach an audience interested in dolls, bears and collectables